Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Eve Eve

Yesterday was rather uneventful and a welcome change to the past week and a half. The OutLaws now have their visitation rights and haven't said a word about them. Granted I haven't talked to them but at least I haven't received a nasty call.

I'm still up in the air about New Year's resolutions. I haven't made a list in years and have always said why do it when I end up breaking the list half way through January anyways. Maybe I'll be stronger this year and try one.

Emma is feeling so much better after her "puking fest" (Emma's words not mine). She is very tired though.
Ethan is stressing about his upcoming hair cut but if I don't start advance notices on things like this he has a major breakdown where ever I take him for the cut. I think he is about ready for one. I've let it go and his hair is at his collar and so curly. When he was a baby people would mistake him for a girl because of his thick, curly hair. And what does Emma have? Stick Straight Hair. Not even a wave to it.

Harley's hair is in need of a cut too. My MIL got his haircut the weekend Scott and I took the kids to Disneyland. I had asked her not to when she told me she wanted to cut it. She almost begged me to cut his hair and I said if you do, make sure you cut it short, short, short otherwise he'll have a bad cowlick. Actually, it's more like a peacock tail waving around above his head.
His hair is still baby fine so I think it's quite adorable but it bugs my mom and Scott's parents. Eh what can you do. I'm tired of pleasing everyone so I'm leaving his hair as I want it.

Harley is starting to talk in small sentences. One silly example: Last night I asked him if he was ready to get his pj's on. His response was UMMM Nope. He shook his head and ran out of the kitchen. Little turd. He's too adorable to be upset with though, even when he is doing something naughty. He has taken to hiding things, like my hairdryer, my comb and brush, his toothbrush, one of Ethan's shoe, not both, just one.
Oh, and he uttered his first curse word. Now, I really, seriously thought it would be Dumbass because that is my word and I say it way too much and I know it but for some strange reason I am unable to discontinue that word from my vocabulary. But it wasn't Dumbass. It was Bullshit but it came out of his mouth as Booshit.
Only Scott and I heard it so I can just imagine the looks on the grandparents faces when he says it in front of them.

Harley's favorite fruit is apple, favorite vegetable is spinach, he loves oreos and won't really eat any other cookie. Ice cream is just ok and he loves meat. Any kind of meat, ham and chicken are the best.

I am ready for the new year to see what else my little pudge will show us. Ethan too. He has come so far and yet in ways seem to have regressed but after reading this post I'm going to re-think my ways on handling some of the things he does. I'm also going to get this book and see what else I can learn.

If I don't make it back here before tomorrow evening, I am wishing each and everyone of you a very happy and fulfilling New Year!

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