Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Passed

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I passed my final with flying colors. It is done and over with, for now. I probably have another course on the way. That's ok, it will help with my career.

Last night was our church Christmas party and I made myself go. I called our bowling partners and told them I wouldn't be there and to please start looking for replacements for Scott and I because his Wednesday schedule has him working until 10pm almost every Wednesday for the next 6 months at least. I am so glad because I am tired of bowling for now. We bowled once a week for 2 years straight. When the winter league would end Scott would find a summer league to join to get the cool Nascar jacket or a specialized bowling ball. But now it's over! Happy Dance Happy Dance
The mean old biddy church lady** was there but she stayed away from me and didn't say one word to me. I had a few people come up to tell me how happy they were to see me and they were so glad I'd come.

Harley sat on Santa's lap for all of 2 seconds before his little face crumpled and he started crying. Santa kept him though and managed to distract him by helping him unwrap his present. And what did he get? A little gameboy type game. I am so thrilled about that. It's just so Great that he got that with all the lights and buzzers and beeps and music and tiny buttons that are just the right size for pudgy little fingers. It says it has 265 different games on it. whoopee ee can you just feel the sarcasm?

Emma opened up a table ping pong set and Ethan opened up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. They are both thrilled with their presents. Ethan still slept with his King Kong toy though.

Both mom and I got candles. One smells just like a chocolate chip cookie. It made me hungry for cookies and it didn't help that I had to make brownies for both kids class parties. They aren't allowed to call them Christmas or even Holiday parties any more. I was good, I didn't eat any brownies.

I just sniffed them.

**The mean old biddy church lady is the one spreading the rumors about Scott and I not taking care of granny and letting her die on purpose.

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Karin said...

Ah yes..."Winter" parties and "Winter" Break

Bah humbug.