Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Work was good. We laughed and had a great time while helping our customers. One of my co-workers made me laugh so hard I was crying and almost pee'd my pants. I had to leave my desk and go sit in the bathroom for almost 15 minutes. Great fun.

That greatness carried over into Emma's soccer practice and I actually got out on the field and kicked the ball around with the girls. The team had a scrimmage game with the team that shares their practice field and they have with every practice. Both teams warm up separately, do a few drills, and then start the fake game. The girls on both teams love this and normally have a great time. The other team was just off last night. They were all grouchy and mean and most of our girls ended up getting kicked or pushed by the other team. At one point Emma's shoulder connected with a girl from the other team, in her shin guard. Emma rubbed her shoulder and fought back tears, because ya know Mom, there is no crying in Soccer! The other girl sat out the rest of the fake game because she was so hurt. The screams and wails coming from this little girl were awful. She made it sound like Emma tried to hurt her on purpose. It was bad enough that the girls own coach finally told her to be quiet, she was being way melodramatic.

I'm pretty sure that girl's shin is just fine this morning. I was pretty sure it was fine last night. Emma had a pretty black and blue bruise on her shoulder this morning.

Before that collision the girls were having fun tackling Scott, throwing soccer balls at him, kicking soccer balls at him, chasing him around the field, and whatever else he was egging on. It kept the girls up and moving and they were all anxious to actually take their turn in the fake game. Normally they just sit there on the sidelines and when they are asked to sub in, they kind of whine about it.

After the collision Emma's attitude went down hill and Ms. Grouch decided she was done and that practice should be done too. I managed to get her back in the fake game, there were only 15 minutes, and she could deal.

When practice was over Scott headed home to start supper and I took Ms. Grouch to get her hair cut. She was upset about getting her hair cut because she wants her hair down to her butt. She's wanted that for a couple years now and I keep telling her that when she takes proper care of her hair then I'll leave it alone. She loves to shower but hates to shampoo or condition her hair. When she does wash her hair she refused to brush it before going to bed. Her hair would dry in tangles and brushing her hair the next morning took forever. The children de-tangle spray always made her hair feel greasy so I switched her to a leave in Pantene conditioner, which worked wonders, but she got to the point where she wouldn't use it or hide it from me so we couldn't comb her hair.

I gave in and had it cut last night because her hair felt like straw. I had the Miss Haircutter to do a conditioning treatment on Emma before she cut her hair. Miss Haircutter then told me to get all the damaged ends off she would have to cut Emma's hair to just below her ears. Emma's eyes filled with tears and I was mean and told Miss Haircutter to go ahead and do it.

Emma's hair went from almost the middle of her back to just below her ears in an extremely cute bob.

Emma cried while I paid for her hair cut. Emma cried all the way home, while she was getting her pj's on because she wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat supper. She cried while I tucked her in to bed and then told me that I was just mean and it was her hair and she should be able to make her own decisions about her hair. By that time I'd had enough and I went to bed crying.

Scott was nice enough to get Ethan and Harley in bed for me while I lay on my bed and pouted.

Emma's mood was a little better this morning but she said she still wasn't hungry and didn't eat breakfast. She had her hair and teeth brushed in under 5 minutes. I hesitantly asked her if it was easier to brush her hair and she just glared at me and walked outside. I'm going go be on her bad list for a while.

My mood is horrible this morning. I didn't sleep well from the stupid crying I did. Our weekly Wednesday morning meeting was chock full of its normal negativity and I'm pretty much fed up with it. If someone tries to bring up a positive then we are immediately shot down and the negative is brought back.

I normally don't write about work for lots of reasons but today I had to bring it up. I've worked for the same company for 6 1/2 years now. Unfortunately some people here haven't realized that you get better results by being nice then by snapping at everyone every time you turn around. I'm just saying

Now I must go. My loverly yearly checkup with the loverly Gynie is today. Blech


Britmum said...

I am sorry that your daughter is unhappy with her hair. I am sure that it will be fine in a day or so and she will love it. Kids are so funny.

Take care

Big Gay Sam said...

You forgot to mention your laughter enhanced tinkling while hiding out in the bathroom yesterday. I felt it was worth mentioning. :P

Karin said...

Sorry you had a crappy day!

Shannon said...

Britmum, Emma now loves her hair!