Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter ER worries & Emma vs. the Computer Chair

Good Friday was just that. Good.

My household went out to eat and then home to get the kids in bed so Scott and I could have a date. The one and only movie I had my mind set on watching, Slither (I know B scifi movie), had left town after only two weeks. Two Whole Weeks! I was so disappointed that I went into the bathroom and put my pj's on. Scott got on the computer and started looking for music on 360 proshare and I sat in the middle of our water bed with a Mickey Mouse latch hook kit. I started it 5 years ago and decided that night was the perfect night to do some more work on it. We watched a Supernatural and a Ghost Whisperer and still have some Supernaturals, Ghost Whisperers, and Losts to catch up on. I sat in the same position for two hours, legs spread wide with everything in between my legs for easy reach. By the time Scott was ready to make the salad and get the steaks in marinade for our Saturday night family dinner, I could barely move. My legs were so sore and my back so stiff. It took so long to work them out. Taught me the lesson don't sit in one place for so long, at least not with your legs spread wide and bent over reaching for little pieces of yarn!

Saturday was spent cleaning to get ready for the family dinner, which was held here, at my house, with my brand new pretty table! and sorting laundry, and going to soccer. Emma's team lost again but that's ok. I don't think she even noticed they lost because she was having so much fun.

Saturday night brought family, steaks, and Margaritas! Lots of fun and the alcohol was flowing freely. My FIL had to leave a few times because the car wash he manages kept breaking down and the girl that was working it had no clue how to fix it. I felt sorry for her. No, my FIL didn't drink, just Pepsi.

We had plans to have dinner with my in-laws after church on Sunday. They were going to go to the Sunrise service and then come back into town to meet us at Applebee's. We got a call about 8:45am to let us know that my MIL had a migraine and wouldn't be making it for dinner. I said ok, hoped she would feel better soon, and got all of us out the door for church.

Scott's schedule was changed and he had to be to work at 11:30am Sunday, not 7pm to work the stock truck, so he left the church as soon as the service was over. Supposedly one of the girls he works with had a family emergency and had to leave town. We found out later that day that no, she just didn't want to work. I'm so angry at her because her little lie took Scott away from his family on Easter Sunday. I'm trying to let it go and forget about it.

There was a quick egg hunt and then mom, the kids, and I headed off to Applebee's for a lunch that I didn't have to cook or clean up after. I figured I would call my in-laws after lunch to see how MIL was feeling.

We got home from lunch and I lay down with Harley to get him to nap and the phone rang. It was Scott telling me that he had just heard from SIL that MIL was in the hospital and the doctors think she has a brain aneurism. Scott said that is all he knew but had to go because the store was busy. I called my SIL on her cell to find out what exactly was going on. SIL said they had done a spinal tap and the fluids were clear and had just done a lumbar (not sure if this is right but that is what I heard) and they were waiting for the results. The doctors weren't sure what she had and weren't sure if it was life threatening.

I asked SIL if I should go to the hospital and she said no because she didn't want to freak MIL out. I love my MIL to death but she does freak out very easy. SIL said she would call as soon as she had any news. So I waited. Harley finally slept without me, I couldn't bring myself to nap after that news. I paid bills and when that was done, stared at the TV for a while.

My FIL called a couple hours later to let me know MIL's pain was gone and they were going to let her go home and she was to see a neurologist as soon as possible today. Her appointment was at 3pm and that doctor did more bloodwork and did let her know that migraines starting at her age were highly unlikely, mainly if she didn't get them often before now, she wouldn't get them now. He also said such severe headaches like this in a person her age are a precursor to strokes. That is scary. She's only 62 years old.

But, the whole time she was in the hospital and in pain, Scott is stuck at work unable to leave because they are short handed, and worrying about his mom. I felt so sorry for him because he sounded lost, I knew he wanted to leave but he just couldn't. I couldn't tell him to ask the boss because he was the boss yesterday. I'm also still mad at this girl for pretending to have a family emergency when we had an actual family emergency and Scott could have been at the hospital with his mom. Stupid, selfish girl. I'll work on forgiving her later.

We find out more tomorrow after the other blood panel comes in. I'm anxious

And then today, at 4:45pm, only 15 minutes away from quitting time, my mom calls. I hear screaming in the background and the first thing she says is I think Emma's ok, I got the bleeding stopped and I don't think she needs stitches. I made myself take a deep breath and count to 10 before I asked what in the world she was talking about.

It seems Emma was sneeking up on mom to scare her and tripped over a toy dinosaur and pitched foward onto the computer chair.

Emma's eyebrow meet Computer Chair.

Computer Chair meet Emma's eyebrow.

She has a lovely gash right in the middle of her eyebrow and I think it actually might have needed stitches but the bleeding was stopped and mom had pinched it together and put a bandaid on it. With Neosporin, not sure if I spelled that right.

We'll see what it looks like in the morning but I'm pretty sure she'll have a nice scar and there will be no more hair in the middle of her eyebrow. Now, I love my daughter very much and think she is absolutely gorgeous but she has these bushy eyebrows and I've been waiting for an appropriate age to teach her about tweezing and waxing. I think we reached the tweezing bit a little early. Not sure just yet. Emma is fine though and ate 4 pieces of pizza, 4 buffalo wings, 4 cinnastix, and had a Sprite. I just hope she isn't up in the night throwing up from all the food she ate.

Quick note on Harley, his big thing is telling everything Nite Nite and tucking everything into bed. And it doesn't matter whose bed it is either. I found Buzz and Woody under my pillows last night.

Quick note on Ethan, I'm not sure about this new med Straterra yet. It makes him drowsy for the first couple hours and then he's fine after that. I can't tell just yet when it wears off. I'm off this Thursday and Friday and will hopefully figure it out then so I can call the doctor on it. A funny note, he fell asleep in class three times today. That is a first for him and it made me giggle so hard. Ethan only sleeps during the day if he's sick, and he isn't sick, and he only gets sick like once a year, and then he only sleeps if he throws up. Other than being sick he hasn't slept or napped during the day since he was about 10 months old. I think that's why I giggled so much. I guess you just have to be me to understand the giggles, or you have to understand Ethan. And I'm getting very sleepy, so if my writing makes absolutely no sense, or if there are spelling errors, I am truly sorry!

Oh, we did do an egg hunt here at home. After we finally dyed eggs at 7pm last night. I'm up for a mother of the year award for that one. Emma informed me she was so disappointed that the eggs weren't dyed at least four days earlier and I really should have done a better job hiding the eggs. I told her to be nice or I would find that chocolate bunny she hid and eat the ears before she could. This brought gales of giggles and I had her tucked in bed and her light out before they quit. Then she was yelling no fair for tricking her into bed so early.

I can be very, very sneaky


Karin said...

Hope your MIL is okay and it's nothing too serious!

Theresa said...

WOW! Talk about a lot going on! Hope your MIL's problem isn't too serious!

Marlene said...

Wow. What an eventful weekend! Hope things are calmer now!