Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm sitting here, in sweaty gym clothes, being kicked by my husband because he's ticked that I got to the back computer first. We just spent an hour at the gym and he headed straight for the oreo ice cream when we walked in the door. Such a good thing to do after working out for an hour, huh.

He's not ticked really, just being his usual annoying self. I love him dearly and wouldn't change a thing about him. He just likes to bug.

Yes, I was bad and ate the ice cream he tried to bribe me with so he could have his computer back. I took the ice cream but didn't move! MUWAAAAHAAAAAAA


Things Emma said to me today:
Mom, I can't brush my hair because my back hurts. That's a good one and have no idea why she thought it would work. Emma has this thing with not brushing her hair after she showers and going to bed with wet, unbrushed hair and waking up with the nastiest tangles. And detangler makes Emma's hair feel nasty.

Why do I have to do the dishes? This is asked right after she has pulled away from giving me a hug and burps a spinachy, steaky burp. Right In My Face. And then proceeds to let it rip out the other end. OH. MY. GOD. That girl reeked tonight and it wasn't just dinner. I wonder what she ate at school? I'm wondering if the school changed their menu from chicken fingers to bean burritos. I didn't know chickens had fingers anyways.

Look what I taught Harley!!!! She was so excited about this. She brought Harley over to me and at the same time they both turned their backs to me and looked over their shoulders and proceeded to slap their butts and yell bootiiieeeee just as loud as they could. Both Emma and Harley got in trouble when Harley stood up in his chair at the dinner table and turned around and slapped his butt and yelled booottiiieeeee. Its so hard to teach your children the proper thing to do when you can't help but laugh at some of their antics. I'm such a great influence.


General Things Heard Around the House
This is gross and I apologize up front but I have to share it.
Scott is sitting in the bathroom, yes, he's on the toilet, and he's grunting and making a big production of pooing. Lucky for all of us Scott didn't shut the bathroom door. Why you ask? I'm not sure but he really should have. With every grunt Ethan would giggle. Now, Ethan is in bed and supposed to be sleeping. Groan, giggle. Grunt, giggle. Groan Grunt Moan! Big Ole Belly Giggles. Ethan would let out a huge giggle every time Scott let out a groan. By the time I managed to hurry Scott out of the bathroom and into workout clothes Ethan couldn't quit giggling. He had tears streaming down his face. I gave up and walked out the front door after yelling bye.

I hear Ethan and Harley playing in the front room when I get home from work. They are playing cars and both are laying on the floor. I look in on them right as Harley sits on Ethan's head. All Ethan does is lay there screaming that he has a baby on him and he can't get up. Being the wonderful mother I am I walk away and just shake my head. A few seconds later I hear "Harleyyyyyyyy, that's grossssss, you don't fart on peoples heads when you sit on them. Mom make Harley stop farting!" I really don't have anything else to say about that.

This from Harley. No. No. NO. NOOOOO. gamma, emma, etan (that is how he says Ethan), mom, dad. After he's gone through everyone's name he runs full bore and head butt's my mom in the legs. Gamma's not that steady. She waddles like a penguin every time she walks. Poor thing has flat feet and bad arthritis. It makes for a weavy mom. Did I mention he told me no? No, well he told me NOOOOO quite often tonight.

We haven't heard Biatch from Harley in a couple days. I'm sure it will come back.

Reminder to self, need to boil a dozen eggs to take to Ethan's class Friday morning. I have no idea why but I got a note from his aid so I'll be boiling eggs tomorrow.

Good night all. My work out high is gone and I'm ready to drop.


Britmum said...

OMG that was so funny. Kids are hilarious. Your husband sounds kinda gross though. LOL!!! Hope you had a great Easter.

Walker said...

That was great<
Kids are the best comedians there are. I have my 2 year old neice everyday for awhjile and I tell you.
She just stands there infront of me talking baby talk in stacatto with the hands making the gestures required to show what she was saying.
I have no idea what she was saying, I just hope it wasn't I just flushed grandma's jewelry down the toilet again.