Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No Internet at work is Killing Me

The evil Qwest is now up and running on both computers in my house. We are officially Networked. Is networked a word? Not sure.

Anyways, so much has gone on the past week that I'm not sure where to begin.

So, this post will be short since I'm at a loss of words for now.

I have decided that finally having eye insurance isn't that great because my coverage website is soooo out of date that I went through four different eye doctors before I found someone that still took my coverage. Pain in the butt insurance.

Thank you to Sam for helping us get the networking done! We greatly appreciate it.

My husband is a dork because now that we can network he is on the other computer IMing me while I'm typing this. Yes, I am answering him. I guess I'm a dork too.

I didn't do so good getting to the gym last week but I've already gone twice this week. The rest of the week doesn't look so hot though.

Harley is a turd. His newest interests include getting into the fridge and getting his precious carrots, his cow milk (chocolate syrup), and anything else that might catch his eye; opening any door in reach (which is every door now); and insisting that you sing the song about piggies (you know, this little piggie went to market, this little piggie stayed home and so on and so forth) each time you put a sock or pj's on him. And the song has to be sung while you get each piggie, you can't just sing it one time and get both socks on. You have to get each piggie and sing the lyrics that go with that piggie or else. You can't mix up the lyrics or you have to start all over. There are other things but my eyes are blurring right now and I want to catch up on a little blog reading before I quit IM'ing my husband and go to bed.

What Dorks...

I had a great chocolatism but lost it. Hopefully it will find its way back to my mind soon.

More later.....


Big Gay Sam said...

no charge darlin'!

Enjoy your training tomorrow. :P

I think I broke my butt.

Four hours of non-cushioned sitting is not good for the tookus!

mrhaney said...

harley sounds like a very interesting person. i would like to meet him. he probably is a handful.

Shannon said...

Harley is definitely a handful but very delightful!