Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Boring Life

At times I think my life is just so boring and there is nothing going on but the same old thing Every. Single. Day.

Then I stop and wonder what in the heck is wrong with me. A full time job, 3 kids, a wacky husband, a house, a yard and soon to be garden, and mom with a gimpy shoulder keep me running. Oh, I forgot soccer. How could I forget soccer and the practices and the meetings. And the stupid politics of it. I can't believe how political it can get just so a child can play a sport they want to and have fun doing it. I'm actually glad to be part of this soccer board because they are all for kicking out the parents that harrass the kids during the game. Heckle the hecklers and make them upset enough to leave until the game is done. Scott has done that a few times. I'm so proud.

Tomorrow night is the monthly soccer board meeting and in some ways I dread them. Why you ask? because they normally last about 3 1/2 hours. Most of us work and have to get up the next morning to get to work and being at a meeting until 11pm or so makes it hard to get home and unwind enough to actually sleep. I volunteered so I really should shutup!

Emma's soccer team isn't doing so good. The first game was cancelled due to weather and never rescheduled, the 2nd game we lost, 3rd game was a tie, 4th game we lost, 4th game was a tie, and 5th game we lost. Hopefully this weeks game will at least be a tie again. There's a few new girls and they are all working on learning how to play as a team all over again. At least they have fun.

My friend Sam is getting a blackberry and I'm jealous. I'm very tempted to get one of my own. And not share with Scott! He is a geek like that and want to borrow it and I would have to beg, steal, and hide to get it back.

Once again he is on the back computer, doing who knows what, and I'm busy typing away on my blog, updating soccer stuff, and emailing SW's wife about August, the kids go to Washington in August to greet their dad's ship at the pier when it gets back from the 6 month tour they have been on (it's a surprise!). I'm so glad I get along with SW's wife, makes life so much easier. I've discovered I can multi-task like that on the computer. We haven't IM'd each other yet. I think he's a bit miffed because he grilled sausages for dinner and I wasn't all that hungry and just ate salad for supper. I might have hurt his feelings. Sorry Scott.

About time to get the kids in bed and sing the piggie song to Harley. Plus American Idol voting show is almost over and someone new leaves the show.

Hello, my name is Shannon, and I watch American Idol. And I know who was voted off but I won't say anything tonight. Sam, you will be happy!

I found my chocolatism!

Chocolatism: It is the right of every mom to take the first bite out of the chocolate bunny ears on Easter morning.


Walker said...

Life isn't boring your just to fast for it.
Slow down and let it catch up.
Your a busy lady, you and Scott got to get some alone time. Somewhere without kids and technology.

Britmum said...

Sorry I haven't beem by your blog for awhile. I have family in town from England. Now that is bloody boring LOL. I guess life just appears like that sometimes and then you turn the corner and something exciting happens.