Sunday, April 16, 2006

This should have gone in Friday but, Well, I Forgot!

Good Friday and No School
Which means I didn't have to get the kids up for school and I could sleep in a little. I should know better than to sleep in, I'm almost always late on the days I don't have to take the kids to school.
I just have a quick question. If the government doesn't want God in our schools than why should the kids get religious holidays off? Now, don't get me wrong, we go to church and I believe in God and if the government is going to tell my kids they can't pray in school then I feel the government should stay out of every aspect of the church. Don't tell me how my marriage should be, who can or cannot get married, or what religious holidays the school should be out, or anything else related to religion. Sorry, don't know where that came from. On to happier posting.
I get up 45 minutes later than normal and find Emma already awake and watching TV. I shower and head back to my room, because ya know our bathroom isn't done yet and the bathtub is still in shambles. I'm walking through our quiet house and see Emma is asleep again, Ethan is still asleep, and as I pass Harley's bed I hear this quiet HI! I look down to see Harley laying on his stomach, his arms and legs spread eagle, and his eyes wide open. I think he was waiting for someone to make noise so he would know its ok to be up.
He followed me into the bathroom and walks over to the toilet and says Pee?. I told him yes you go pee in the potty. He kept repeating Pee over and over until I finally asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and go pee. He said YES and the excitement on his face was so exciting for me. My baby wanted to sit on the potty! I was thrilled!
We stripped his pj's off and he took his diaper off and I plopped him on the toilet. I handed him his Triceratops dinosaur he was playing with and he sat there singing and playing with his dino.
I started my normal morning routine and left him on the pot for about 10 minutes and nothing happened. But he sat there without throwing a fit and didn't try to get down. I was pleased with that. It is definite progress from just a couple weeks ago when he didn't want to have anything to do with that potty.
I left the poor baby on the pot just long enough that he had a red ring around his cheeks, bad mom. I couldn't help but giggle. Harley ran to the diaper bed and climbed up on it to get his diaper put on. When that was done I sent him off to play and I'm sure my mom will be annoyed that I didn't dress him and let him run around in just a diaper. Oh, yes we have a diaper bed. Ethan has bunk beds but we don't have them put up as bunk beds, they are side by side. Ethan sleeps in one and we use the other bed as a changing table, a place to put Harley's shoes, and some extra blankets.
I finished getting ready for work and Harley started pouting because I wouldn't play with him. So I did what every good mother would do and plopped him in bed with dad, who was still sound asleep. Ha, not for long! I turned on our TV and Shrek 2 was on and let Harley watch that as I got dressed. I was putting my shirt on and had my head covered when Harley started singing and I couldn't quite make out what he was singing. I pulled my shirt all the way down and looked at my precious little blond boy sway back and forth and sing BIATCH BIATCH BIATCH over and over again. I looked at Scott, his eyes shut tight and he's laughing so hard that our waterbed is jiggling; he's pounding the bed with a fist and looked close to snorting.
I asked Scott if that is what he was really saying and Scott managed to squeak out yesssssssss! (Napoleon Dynamite fashion) I have a potty mouth babe and as long as he continues to want to sit on the potty, that is ok. For now, it will have to change of course. Unless he starts saying Dumbass, a la That 70's Show. For some reason Red just cracks me up and I've started letting Dumbass slip out of my mouth every once in a while. Only to a very deserving person though. Not just anyone has the honor of that expletive.
Now that I've shown the world what a good parent I am I'm off to study. I managed to finish my newest course in just 2 months and just have to take the final.
Chocolatism: A chocolate milk moustache is a good sign of the young at heart.

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