Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I finally found the post I meant to do before the previous one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I finally realized why the weekends go by so fast. It was an answer that is right there on every page of the calendar and is so obvious but I never noticed it.


Every once in a while Emma will mention that weekends should be 5 days and weeks should be 2 days. I totally agree with her sometimes.

Saturday morning brought more bad news. A lady, Mrs. J, my mom taught with for years lost her 17 year old son, T, in a skateboarding/car accident. I've known this wonderful woman just as long as my mom has and she was actually Ethan's 1st grade teacher for a few months and she goes to the same church we do. She was almost my 1st grade teacher. Her son was only 2 months away from graduation. It's a horrible, tragic accident but hopefully those boys that were involved have learned a lesson.

Apparently the boys were taking turns, one driving the car and the others riding their skateboards, hanging onto the car. When Mrs. J's son was on the skateboard something went horribly wrong and he fell under the car and suffered severed head and chest trauma. Since it was Spring Break, Mrs. J was in Colorado visiting her family, her son had chosen to stay here with his step-dad and just relax and be a bum. Her husband chose to tell Mrs. J. that her son was in the hospital, he didn't tell her that he was already dead. He wanted to make sure she could make it home safely. She discovered half way home that her son was dead and a couple of church members contacted family to meet her and drive her rest of the way home.

The funeral is tomorrow and I'm taking time off to go. I know there will be lots of people there, teachers, high school students, family, church members.

We were grocery shopping not long after we found out and happened to meet up with another church member, D. D is the mother of 3, a pre-teen and 10 year old twins. D and I got lots of looks because we sat there in the cheese and lunch meat section crying on hugging each other. After we talked for a while we went our separate ways to finish up shopping. Scott and I bought enough food to take a couple of meals over to Mrs. J's house. During the whole shopping trip Emma kept asking how T died. She couldn't figure out how a skateboard killed him. I kept telling her we would talk about it later but she just wouldn't drop it. I finally lost my patience and told Emma what happened. He fell under the car and two tires ran over his chest and head. I got a very dirty look from a female volunteer firefighter, she had her volunteer shirt on and that's how I know, but I was tired of the questions and impatience coming from my daughter. It worked and Emma was quiet and well behaved the rest of the trip.

I have noticed that Emma hasn't touched her skateboard since Saturday. I didn't want that to happen. I need to have a talk with her and help her understand that there are safe ways to play and ride the board and there are unsafe ways.

About 20 minutes after the call about Mrs. J's son passing on we got another call that another dear friend had passed away. I called this lady Mamaw and have for as long as I can remember. Mamaw's daughter, G, has been in my life forever. G has changed my diapers, cleaned up my vomit, given me advice when my mom started dating at the same time I did, and who knows what else G has done for me. G's mom did the same thing and took mom and me under her wing and adopted us. Mamaw was 90 years old and had been ill for a while but it's still sad. She's not in pain anymore though and is with her husband.

Besides mom and G there is another friend of mom's that has taken me under her wing. I call her Auntie D. These three women spend every Saturday night together and go out to eat and then watch a movie at G's and Auntie D's home. I call them the Three Amigas because they are together so much and are like sisters.

G and Auntie D have lived together for as long as I can remember. No, they are not lesbians. I think they might be close to being man-haters but lesbians, they are not. Both women were burned by men in their early 30's and have just never re-married or dated. They were happy sharing a house with each other and their kids.

Now all three women have lost their mothers and it has all happened within the past 18 months. I hate to say it but G might be gone soon too. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis C a few years ago and every treatment the doctors have tried hasn't touched it. She is in and out of the hospital and has to have dialysis. She contracted HepC from dental work. That is the only thing she has ever had done that could have given her the disease. Mom makes comments about getting HepC from my tattoos and so I just have to turn around and ask her if that means I should quit going to the dentist for check ups.

Mom gets very frustrated when I do this but then admits that she could be wrong. I've invited her to come with me when I get my next tattoo so she can see how safe and clean they are. I've used the same shop for all 4 of my tattoos and I know exactly how safe they are. In fact, I have another tattoo planned. I have a butterfly on my upper back and I'm going to have my tattoo guy add a tree frog hanging off a wing. I'm also going to have Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore put on my ankle to go along with Pooh and the honey pots I already have. I'm going to put Ethan's name above Tigger, because he loves to bounce, Emma's name will be above Pooh, and Harley's name will be above Piglet. And NO I'm not putting Scott's name on my body. There are too many stories of people having to cover up an ex's name. Not that I plan on divorcing Scott but you never know what could happen. I still love him dearly, don't worry.

Now I need to go and do some work. I guess.

I'll try to update soon about the oh-so-fun solar system project the kids had to turn in today!

Chocolatism: If you think people are watching you reach for that candy bar, breathe hard, wipe your brow and say "what a workout" very loudly.

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