Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, haven't posted in a while because we have been fighting with a demon company about new internet access. We decided to switch from plain ol' dial up to Qwest.

I asked Scott to call and order it because he knew what he wanted, speed wise and all, plus I'm just kind of dumb when it comes to that kind of stuff. I added his name to my Qwest bill when we got married and made sure to let them know he was authorized to make any changes or order anything on the account. The oh-so-nice lady that answered the phone told him all about prices and speeds and he decided what we wanted and placed the order and when she pulled up our account oh-so-nice Qwest lady informed Scott that he couldn't order internet because my name was on the account first and that was that. Thank you have a nice day bwy bwy now.

He was extremely irritated when he called me at work and told me what happened. So I ordered the service and the lady that helped me just couldn't get it through her head what I was asking for. But she did make sure Scott was definitely on the account. I asked what the problem was with him calling because our phone bill came with both our names on it. She didn't know the answer to that.

We received the equipment and got it all ready to set it up and realized we were missing the USB adapter for our second computer so we could network the two computers. Scott would always get annoyed because I wanted to pay bills when he was looking for more music. Not that I would do something like that on purpose, No Never.....

When I called to find out why we didn't have the USB adapter I was informed that the modem we got didn't require it and wouldn't support it so we would have to use ethernet or a card of some kind. I told the tech support guy that when I ordered this I explained to the oh-so-nice lady that our comptuers are at the opposite sides of the house from each other and both are desktop, not a desktop and a laptop. He said oh, well she should have offered something else. But she didn't...

SO now Scott and I are off to shop for an ethernet cable long enough to reach. If there is such a beast, I'm not sure but we are going to find out.

And I did have a nice post all typed up that I wrote at work and then emailed to myself but Scott got everything changed over to the new internet and new email and I lost the post and will have to re-email to the new address. I could just re-type it but I really have no idea what I wrote.

Off to the store in my allergy induced state. I ate some shrimp and apparently I am following in my mom's footsteps with the seafood allergy. I am the same age she was when she first developed the allergy. Anyways, my throat is all swollen, my tongue is swollen, and everything itches. And I am loopy on Benadryl. I don't like that stuff but I kinda felt the need to breathe.

So if this post doesn't make sense I blame the antihistamine.



Big Gay Sam said...

oh honey! You should have called me! My computer is at the opposite end of the house too. All you had to do was buy an ethernet hub and the ethernet adapter and you'd be good to go. I thought I told you that yesterday. You know how my memory is so maybe I didn't?

The modem is wireless but it only handles one computer at a time. You need the ethernet hub to allow more than one computer on the wireless network.

I'm so sorry. I should have explained it better :(

Metalchick said...

I clicked on your blog randomly and thought I would chime in. I hate that you were misinformed but there are only a few companies that are currentling marking internet options for multiple desktop households. You do have an alternate option howerever of installing a wireless router and installing wireless network cards into your desktop machines. This would prevent you from having to get a long Ethernet cable that you would then have to manage. It's an option and something I implement all the time these days. Good luck.

Shannon said...

Thank you both Sam and metalchick!

We are now up and running on both computers and all is good. So Far.