Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today was good.

My MIL called to say all of her blood work came back ok. So the doctor doesn't know what is wrong. She'll just have to watch herself and if she feels the start of another headache like that then she has to go straight to the hospital. She sounded good today though.

My mom is going out of town for the weekend. She leaves Thursday afternoon and comes back Sunday night. Normally my MIL watches the pudge when my mom is out of town but with all this I figured she needed a break and lots of rest. I took Thursday afternoon and Friday off to take care of my pudge. I'm excited to actually get some painting done while I'm home. Now we'll see if that really happens.

This is bad but I'm also excited to have the house to myself, well, my husband, my kids and me. I love my mom dearly but we need a break from each other sometimes and after her shoulder surgery, it's break time.

Emma's eyebrow looks so much better today. I really think she did need stitches but its kind of late now. She'll just have a nice scar running through her eyebrow. She said all the boys at school thought it was so cool and they all wanted to touch it. I told her that if they did try to touch it just bark at them when their finger gets near her brow. I'm the greatest mom huh?

Scott is teasing me because I've set up my own recipe box on the Food Network website. The past few nights that I've cooked I've pulled the recipe off the Food Network. Tonight I made Apple Pancakes, otherwise known as Apfelpfannkuchen,

I've tried pronouncing that word and didn't do a very good job. I did a wonderful job making them though and the kids were upset that I made enough for each of us to have just one pancake. My mom and myself are allergic to eggs, makes for a fun time in cooking and baking, and I replaced the egg with applesauce and a little extra water. They did fine without the egg! I was very pleased with myself.

I really don't know what has brought on this urge to cook and use different recipes. Maybe its boredom with what we've eaten lately. I'm ready for something different and the Food Network site gives plenty of options.

I think Thursday night, when I have time to really make a good meal, I'm making oven fried chicken, sour cream mashed potatos, a vegetable, and maybe even a deep dish apple pie.

Now I must go because Harley just grabbed an unopened box of Cheezits and almost has them open. He should be going to bed, not scavenging for food!

Phew, I just caught a whiff of something ripe too!

Anyone volunteer for diaper duty tonight...

Anyone... Sam?

I didn't think so.

Have a good night all!


Big Gay Sam said...

Ha! You forget. I come from a very old Mormon family. We breed 'em hard and fast. I've been changing diapers since the cloth days.

Cloth diapers were a living hell. To this day when I'm in a store and walking past the diaper aisle? I thank God that disposable diapers happened in my lifetime. Praise Jesus! Amen!

Shannon said...

Sam, I've used cloth diapers too. HE HE

On Ethan when he was a baby, not Harley.