Monday, February 13, 2006

The weekend was very relaxing, just what I need before mom's shoulder surgery coming up this Wednesday. This will be the 3rd surgery on this same shoulder for the same thing, a torn rotator cuff. The doctor is having to put some kind of mesh in to hold it together for her and has already told her this will be the last time he will be able to repair it.

I don't know how she keeps tearing it! I think she tore it right after granny died last September. I know mom never moved granny because I was always the one to roll her from side to side when we had to change her or the sheets.

The next week will be fun! HA HA HA HA AHAAH AH sorry almost lost it in hysterical laughter but I'm OK.

We spent Saturday in Durango CO shopping and wandering around Main Street. We ate lunch at the Steamworks, absolutely wonderful Greek Spinach Wrap, and then after that we headed to walmart of all places and did our grocery shopping there before we headed home. I have to say that the Durango walmart is so backwards from ours but hey, the customer service is 100% better and the checkers were amazingly fast. They had every check out open and at least 5 people in every line and from the moment we stepped into that line, with 4 other people with full baskets, we were out of there within 8 minutes. They were fast, courteous, and perky!
I'm tempted to write a nasty letter to our store and explain our experience in Durango and then ask why I can never have that at our store here.

Wait, an even better idea would be to just change grocery stores! I think I will do that.

Sunday was spent in bed until about 1pm. I believe it was close to the epitomy of laziness. After I finally got up and got dressed I headed to Subway to pick up lunch for everyone and then I turned into mean mom and made the kids pick up dog poo. I got out there and helped them though so I don't think I was too mean.

Scott's parents left for Iowa Saturday morning because one of Scott's cousins passed away. Apparently he had been ill for a while and the family knew it was coming. Very sad. Scott had never met this cousin so he opted out of taking time off work and going to the funeral.

And I just ran out of stuff for right now. So I guess I'll go find some work to do and come back another time.

Chocolatism: The Dentist cannot drill gaping holes in your teeth if you have a mouthful of chocolate.

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Jen said...

So sorry to hear about Scott's cousin! Please pass on my prayers.

I hope you have a good Valentine's Day.