Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Scott and I actually made it to the gym last night. It was the second time in a month, so proud of myself. Really, ya'll just don't know what an accomplishment this was for me.

I'm going again tonight, all by my lonesome. Scott closes the store tonight so I'll be able to workout without someone making me giggle so hard I actually have to step off the treadmill and make the others around us laugh at me because I trip myself on the treadmill because of said giggles and either have to jump off or fall flat on my face as the tread on the mill rolls me backwards. I opted to jump off the treadmill. Seriously, it almost happened.

After that incident I put my headphones on and listened to Medium on their media center . They have tvs set on the major networks and Medium is the only thing I watch Monday nights. You can just plug your headphones into their little theater system they have on each machine and walk, jog, run, and elliptical to your hearts content while you watch your favorite show. It does make it easier to get the 25 minutes in on the elliptical machine. It is so easy for me to overdo it on those machines.

Before I met Scott I was at the gym by 4:30am every weekday morning but Fridays and then there by 8am on Saturdays. I really need to get back into that routine, really really bad.

I am sore but it's not very bad at all. If I can get there tonight and then again tomorrow night and then rest Thursday night maybe I can make myself get up Friday morning. Maybe.

It's so hard for me to work out at night because when I get home I have so much energy and can't go to sleep and then have a hard time getting up the next morning. Yes, I am tired today and can't wake up. I caught myself nodding off a while ago and decided posting would keep me awake for a while.

Only an hour and a half until lunch and maybe a nap. We'll see.

Chocolatism: If you don't eat chocolate someone may assume you'd rather have lima beans or brussell sprouts or cooked carrots.

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Karin said...

I really really need to get myself motivated to work out. *sigh*