Thursday, February 16, 2006

We Have Survived & Harley will be 2 years old tomorrow

Mom's rotator cuff shoulder surgery went very well and the doctor was actually pleased with it. He said he could tell that she had torn right where her stitches were the last time. So, he thinks he repaired it better this time and it should last. He said if it happens again she is looking at joint replacement. I told the doctor if it does happen again that we should just chop her arm off so she wouldn't have this problem anymore. Mom laughed, the doctor laughed, even the nurses and the anesthesioligist (not sure if I spelled this right my computer is acting up and not letting some of the functions work), our preacher didn't laugh though. Not sure why. Oh, maybe because he is new to us and doesn't know what wacky senses of humor we have. EH, he'll get used to us.

She got very little anesthesia and then had a nerve block put in her neck. This worked so much better than full anesthesia. She woke up faster, was more alert when she did wake up, she ate normal foods yesterday, and didn't sleep all day like she has with the other two surgeries. It's just been much easier this time. Why does she have to tear her rotator cuff in her right shoulder, why can't she do it in the left if she absolutely has to? I only say this because she is right handed.

I'm wiped out though, getting the older kids ready for school, dressing the baby ( WHO WILL BE 2 YEARS OLD TOMORROW!!!!!!!), and then dressing my mom, along with regular activities like dishes, making beds, more dishes, remaking the beds after Harley attacked them. Oh by the way, he'll be 2 whole years old tomorrow.

I haven't slept much the past couple nghts and I should probably be sleeping right now instead of typing this. Last night I kept getting up to check on mom and make sure she was ok. I knew she was but the doctor and nurses stressed checking on her the first night, especially if she slept in her bed and not a recliner, just to make sure she hadn't rolled over on her arm. The night before that was Valentines day and I had a whole thing planned for Sc0tt when he got home from work aroun 10pm. Well, let's just say it didn't work out and we ended up arguing so we went to bed without any V-day fun. Right now he's trying to get me to bed to make up for the other night. And he's drumming his fingers on the mattress and sighing very loudly.

Well, I'm off to bed to sleep... Ha more likely to be attacked by my hubby. I'm off from work until next Wednesday and even though I'm sleeping less now, I'm absolutely loving staying home with Harley all day and then being home for the older two when they get out of school. I'll have to think about this work thing.

And a quick side note about Emma and Harley. She asked if she could take a bath with him tonight because Ethan used up all the hot water in his shower. Well, it was a combination of Ethan, mom (taking a bath without telling me so I could help her, yes I lectured her), and Scott doing dishes, and me running Harley's bath. So I told her this one time she could bathe with Harley. They played for a while, soaked the bathroom floor, and then Emma decided to wash up Harley so she could wash up and get out. Emma washed his hair and then was washing his body and was leaning over to reach around to get his butt because he wouldn't turn around. I'm sitting on the toilet reading a book, waiting for Harley to be done so I can get him in his pj's. Emma started yelling and screaming EW EW EW EW GRoSS GROSS over and over again. I looked up from my book to see Harley peeing on her. I started laughing and told her to move. She was too mortified to move. She couldn't believe he was peeing on her. And, instead of backing up she accidentally slid forward and got some in her hair. Needless to say, Harley was rinsed off very quickly and I got him out of the tub fast so Emma would calm down. She took a cold shower anyways because there was no way she was going to sit in that "pee infested water anymore". I'm still giggling over it.

Life is so much fun anymore!

And Harley will be 2 years old tomorrow!


Karin said...

Happy birthday Harley! :)

Theresa said...

Hope Harley had a wonderful birthday!!

Walker said...

You got love kids just for the things they do.
Yay for your mom. I hope she gets better and to keep her arm for ever :)