Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The weekend was ok. Saturday Scott and I worked out and that's about it. None of us got any chores done. We all took lots of naps that day, just little cat naps, not sure why. Saturday night Scott and I went to get supper for everyone because none of us felt like cooking. We spent $130 on junk at Sam's Club.

Ethan and Emma went to a birthday party for their youngest cousin, C. He is the youngest on SW's side of the family. He turned 3 last weekend and because all of last weekend was busy for us, the OutLaws planned his party for this past weekend just so my two could go. Some might think how sweet. Believe me, they are not being sweet.
Emma and her cousin, K, planned to meet half way and then walk back to K's house together. I told Emma that was fine with me but I would walk with her and Ethan would have to go with them too. Both girls said ok. Right before we were about to walk out the door, the OutLaws showed up to drive Ethan and Emma to the party. We tried to explain and ex MIL just told the kids to get in the car. I told her fine, I expect the kids home by 4:30 and no later. Then I shut the door in her face. That wasn't nice at all but the kids were already in her car and they had no idea that I didn't say goodbye to ex MIL.
The kids got home on time but Emma complained that K was mean to her the entire time she was there and even has a knot on her head where K hit her. I discovered it was pointless to complain because they won't answer the phone when I call. Emma told me she doesn't want to see them anymore because they aren't nice anymore. I'm tempted to get in touch with SW to tell him this and see what he says. The OutLaws just don't seem to understand that Emma sees exactly how they are and that they lie to me quite often. It will be their loss and they just don't seem to care.

After the party and our Sam's club shopping spree we ate supper and wasted an hour and a half or so watching the Dukes of Hazzard movie. I like Johnny Knoxville, Burt Reynolds, and Sean Williams Scott and that is the only reason to sit through the whole thing. Ethan loved it so that's all that matters. He went to bed happy.

Sunday morning came way too early. Scott had to be at work at 8am, way off from his normal 7:30pm time! So, the kids and I got ready and went to the church breakfast to meet the new preacher and his wife. I really like him so far but his wife will take some getting used to. She was negative about everything in our little church. It was too small, our landscaping is ugly, the children are too noisy, and she couldn't believe that a church member actually donated the eggs that were used for the breakfast. That egg donator would be my MIL. Preachers wife ate her eggs but didn't look happy to do it. I can just imagine what she thought of Ethan and how very loud he is. I wonder how she'll act when she finds out that he is autistic. I bet she is the kind of person that whispers things that disgust her. You know, words like cancer, autism, SIDS, just about anything offensive. This should be fun when Scott meets her.

After church mom took the kids and I out to lunch. It was a yummy Mexican food restaurant that makes their tortillas there! I always eat too much there. Then mom went grocery shopping by herself for the last time in probably ever, I'll explain in a minute**. The kids played while I started on laundry. We haven't started laundry on a Sunday afternoon in years. We were lazy I said! It was fun being lazy for a while.

I managed to not see the super bowl while Scott watched it when he got home from work. I paid bills, did some soccer stuff, read some blogs, and then while reading my Yahoo news saw who won the game I turned to Scott and asked him if he knew that the Steelers won. He gave me the strangest look and told me that yes, he knew, he had sat right there, less than 5 feet from me, and watched the whole game. That's when I realized just how long I'd been on the computer. Oops, at least there were periods when I would get up to do more laundry, feed the kids, and even put them to bed. I giggled and Scott threw the remote at me.

Emma did pretty good all weekend with no blow ups.

Ethan is his usual self.

Harley has started eating the cream filling out of the oreos and then leaving the cookie parts all over the house. Last night I caught him up on a chair at the kitchen table, the oreo laid open and sitting in halves right in front of him. Instead of picking up the cookies to lick off the cream he bends his head down and licks the cream off the cookie, making very sure to not touch the cookie with his hands, just his tongue. Don't ask me where he got that. I have no idea!

Harley's new words are welcome (and he does use it properly and say if after we tell him thank you), man, Scott, Hannon (when he is calling me, Shannon), gooey (meaning yogurt), and roar.

Oh, and I am sorry but I have to brag. Emma's last report card was 1 A, 2 B's, and the rest C's. Her progress report for this grading period came home yesterday and showed everything but one subject was brought up to an A and that subject was a B! Happy Dance Happy Dance!

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Rochelle said...

wow. your outlaws are like my outlaws.