Friday, February 24, 2006


Last night was, well, LOUD. From the moment I walked in the door to the moment I got the kids in bed they were yelling. And at each other. Calling each other names and trying to tackle each other, hitting, kicking, and spitting. Oh the spitting at the dinner table. Let's just say dinner was short and kids went to bed early.

Harley just sat there and giggled at all the ruckus. About half an hour after I got home he wandered into the kitchen in nothing but his diaper and, drum roll please, his cowboy boots. And I couldn't find my camera because you all know that is a picture that needs to be posted for all the cuteness. I ran around the house checking the usual places and never found it. I finally asked Scott this morning where it was and he said on the back computer desk. This is the desk I don't touch for fear that something will bite me. This is the desk that is so loaded with papers and stuff that Scott just can't bear to throw away (junk mail, torn envelopes, trash!) that I am surprised it hasn't gotten up and shaken itself like a dog and walked off. Or maybe it would run off, I'm not sure. Either way I don't want to dive into that mess.

When I got up this morning it had already started. I should have just thrown a WWE ring up into my house and let the demons go for it. There was screaming and yelling, punches were thrown, shins were kicked, and I'm pretty sure a headbutt was thrown in for good measure. I have no idea what there deal is with each other right now but I'm already tired of it. Both of them will end up going to school with a black eye one of these days and I'm going to have child services knocking on my door.

If tonight is the same way the kids are going to bed after having sandwiches and I'm sure this momma will have a few glasses (bottle) of wine with my supper. Wine and grilled cheese is actually not bad at all.

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of housework and laundry, with a quick break to get my nails done. I sound silly saying that, but hey, those nasty cuticles and hangnails I had are gone. I no longer have bloody stumps so I'm not afraid to show my hands. Oh, my daughter thinks I need to just hurry up and go buy some hair color because mom, you glow under the lights now and you are too young for silver hairs. I've heard this so many times in the past few weeks. I finally told her to please quit and I would color my hair later if I felt the need to. I kind of like the silver hairs in amongst my brown hair. And the hair is silver, not gray!

Chocolatism: Eating chocolate will take your mind off all those gray hairs you're getting.

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