Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back at work

And in some ways I am happy to be back and others not so happy.

Harley's birthday started out horribly for me. I spent the day in bed, shivering with fevers, horrible, awful stomach pain, and spewing from both ends. I just know you all wanted to hear that! Scott got the older kids ready for school and managed to help mom with stuff as well. I was so thankful he was off that day. I managed to shower about 11am but didn't actually get dressed until 1pm, the shower wore me out and made my stomach hurt so bad. By the time 5pm rolled around I could sit up for a while without feeling like I would fall over so I accompanied the family to Outback for Harley's birthday dinner. Yes, we had a 2 year old's birthday dinner at Outback. I figured he was too young to care yet so I would pick something I love. And then I couldn't even enjoy it. I ended up sleeping in the van until they were done eating. I woke up and walked in to our table just as the waitress was bringing the check. Yea for mommy and the checkbook. eh

Saturday I felt a little better and managed to make it through grocery shopping but then napped as soon as we got home.

Sunday I did the good little daughter thing and took mom to church even though I was feeling crappy again.

Monday was ok. I spent lots of money at the mall on clothes for Emma, starting to love those holiday sales.

Tuesday was a little better, I actually managed to get our taxes done. Refund = new dining room chairs, new vacuum, and saving for Disney trip with family this summer. Really exciting stuff, isn't it?

And today I am at work and my stomach is hurting again. I think it is stress related this time. Bad news came as soon as I got to work and I have been grouchy since. It's not unexpected though. I have a semi-strict policy with myself to never talk about work here. This subject might be talked about in length at a later time, I'm not sure yet. I do know my job is still secure though, that is what matters.

And I am still totally exhausted. Maybe coming back to work was a good thing. I can get myself back into a schedule and my stomach issues will go away. Hopefully.

Chocolatism: If you eat chocolate in the forest, and no trees fall, the calories don't count.

I'll post more tomorrow and hopefully be in a more sharing mood!


chasmyn said...

Heh - the chocolatism made me giggle. I hope you're feeling better.

Big Gay Sam said...

I still can't wrap my mind around the news we got this morning. It just will not integrate itself into my brain. :(