Monday, February 27, 2006

Uneventful Weekend

I had a nice, relaxing weekend. I started laundry, have yet to finish it, cleaned bathrooms, did dishes, ummm and lots of other cleaning.

Scott was so nice and cooked dinner Saturday night, after working all day! He grilled the steaks that sat in marinade from Friday evening to Saturday when Scott got home from work. He had called to let me know he was on his way home to please get the grill going. I turned the propane on and hit the button to light the burners and nothing. Just click click click. I turned everything off and tried it all over again and still nothing. Which means I should have gotten our long lighter to get the flames going but no, sorry, I am a chicken and always make Scott do that part. Thank goodness he doesn't have a problem with my chicken parts! I let him know what happened after we all tackled him at the door and he said ok, grabbed the lighter and went outside.

Now, it was 7:20pm when he got home from work so it's pretty dark outside. He turned everything on and lit the burners. And the night turned back into to day for a few seconds as the flames reached for the sky. He admits to being chicken too because when he has to light the grill this way he stands as far back as possible and then reaches his arm in to light it. Good thing he did this time because the flames singed his hair, eyebrows and arm hairs on the arm that was holding the lighter. Oh, the smell. It was horrendous and horrible and gagging and just yuck!

The dogs were running circles around Scott while the kids were screaming and jumping up and down and I was racing around the kitchen getting towels wet. By the time I got the towels out to him the flames were under control and he had the steaks going.

His arm hairs are gone, his eye brows are nice and neat, and his hair (which needed a hair cut anyways) is ok now. I have to say this about my hubby, his eyebrows are very bushy and can be scary at times and he trims them every week. He won't have to for a while now, he he he! This did make us get a move on to get his hair cut, he was getting a little bushy there too.

Dinner was very tasty!

Sunday was spent at church and then lunch at Denny's (or Lenny's as hubby likes to call it) very original isn't it? I did a little laundry, played "soccer" with Emma for a couple hours, have some pretty bruises on my shins because that little girl has one mean kick, bathed Harley and made all the kids mad because I put them all to bed at 8pm last night. Scott left for work about 7pm and I was exhausted after the busy day. I'm sure they all got over it and it gave me time to do the dishes and get lunches ready for today. In total peace and quiet. No kids, no dogs because they were still outside, no tv, and mom was already getting ready for bed too. It was rather nice.

Poor Scott didn't get off work until 8:15 this morning. He was working the stock truck and normally the shift is 7:30pm to 4am, with a half hour lunch break, so he has lots of overtime to start out the week.

Suppose I should go study some more. This course is so very easy and I should get it done in a month or even less. It is Excellence in Customer Service and it is a beginner course but it is required for the business degree. Off to studying now.

Chocolatism: Eating chocolate is a good way to pass the time spent on 'Hold'.


Marlene said...

I love quiet weekends!

mrhaney said...

i am so sorry that he got burnt. you have to be real careful i know. i got burnt once lighting a heater and i actually knew what i was was not real bad but i did singe some hair off my body.
have a good day and thanks for dropping by my blog.

Walker said...

I have lost more hair on my arms lighting the bbq than I have on my head. good thing to its cold here. When I can light the bbq with the autostart I usually stand back and throw matches at it until it starts LOL

Karin said...

Glad he is okay and the food came out yummy :)