Thursday, February 09, 2006

Growl Roar GRRrrrr and TMI

I haven't posted in a couple days because I am GROUCHY! As in growling at everything and everyone for no reason. My only excuse is the good ol' PMS. Any men reading this might not want to read any further, tomorrow's post should be better!

Horrible, nasty, mean, and evil. That has been me the past couple days. I have taken to the old standby don't say anything at all if I can't say anything nice.

I haven't even had mood swings, I've just been in an upward swing of grouchiness. And now I'm going to share too much information with everyone.

I have a feeling I've been like this because this monthly friend has just been awful and bad this month. I've cramped the whole time and the flow (ew gross, sorry) has just been horrendously heavy. For THREE days now. The bloating is no fun either. I've been wearing comfy pants to work and normally I try to dress up a few times a week.

There was a time this was normal for me and I learned to live with it but since I've had Ethan the monthly visits have slowed way down and the cramps were limited to just a couple days before and the first day.

I hope this isn't the start of the old days because the light days with barely any cramps were nice. I had gotten used to them and want them back!

I shouldn't complain because I know many women have it much worse than I do. My mom did, in fact, have it much worse. She had constant cramps and then towards the end, before her hysterectomy, she bled constantly. There was maybe two days in a three month period when she didn't bleed. My aunt and granny had the same problem and all were found to have benign tumors on their ovaries and fallopian tubes when they had their hysterectomy. I have that in the back of my mind during every yearly checkup. My yearly is coming up in April.

So I will end this post and go stew in my grouchiness and hope it all ends soon so I can feel better. I have tried to make myself be in a good mood but it just didn't work.

I am going to add this though, part of it also has to do with family. A couple weeks ago there was a family party to celebrate our niece's 13th birthday. My SIL invited family from California and Texas, knowing they wouldn't come because of the distance, but she thought it would be nice to invite them anyways. Which it was nice, I'm not disagreeing with that. Scott, the kids and I weren't invited because SIL thought we wouldn't have wanted to come. We still don't know where she got the idea we wouldn't want to celebrate our niece's 13th birthday. Scott has gone back and forth between inviting SIL and her family to Harley's birthday dinner this Saturday and not inviting them. He finally gave in last night and invited them. SIL told them that the 13 year old niece has a student council meeting in another town a couple hours away and they won't be back in time for the dinner and then proceeded to ask if we could change our time from a 5pm dinner to 7pm or later dinner. Scott asked me and I said no, it's a family dinner for our 2 year old and I don't want to have it later, otherwise we would have a grumpy 2 year old. He said ok, he didn't want to change the time either and let SIL know. They said ok, hopefully they can catch up with us later in the night.

For some reason Scott and I kept bickering about SIL and her husband and before we knew it he had stormed out of the room and I had turned over and fell promptly to sleep. When I tried to talk to him this morning while I was getting ready for work he didn't say a word to me. As I left I did my normal of giving him a kiss and telling him I loved him and have a good day. Still not a word. Hopefully he'll get over it soon. I've apologized for going overboard a few times and it is his turn now. We were both in the wrong this time, not just me.

I'm going to drown in some PMS and eat a donut for now. It is a chocolate donut too!

Chocolatism: If you shake the candy jar after you take some chocolate, no one will be able to tell how much you've taken.

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Jen said...

oooh, I can totally relate. I am in full blown bitch mode this week waiting for my visitor to arrive.

Sending you lots of chocolately goodness!