Monday, May 01, 2006


Today's post was supposed to be on Harleyisms but I've decided to leave that for another day and post about Ethan.

His diagnosis is A-Typical Autism, Tourette's Syndrome, Severe ADHD, and slight Mental Retardation. We have been to 7 doctors for this diagnosis and I've vowed to never see another doctor about it. Ok, that is probably a stupid thing to vow because who knows when the state or the school system will want him to see a doctor again but at least no more for a year or two. Both Ethan and I are sick and tired of those kind of doctors. No offense to any of them, we're just tired of the testing.

With all of the different disabilities he has, Ethan has been in a main stream class with a full time aid and only spends a couple of hours (if that) a day in the special ed class. I've fought the school system hard to get him in a main stream class. The first diagnostician for the school told me Ethan was totally mentally retarded would never learn and that is when the stupid principal of the school told me to put him in a home and basically forget about him. I informed both idiots that my son would learn, we would prove them wrong, and that dumbass diagnostician was to never step foot near my son again.

Well, here it is 4 years later and we are proving them wrong. Ethan is excelling in his main stream class and is set to move up to the 4th grade. Granted he should be going into the 5th grade but his 2nd year in the 2nd grade did wonders for him.

Today was Ethan's IEP to see where he would be next school year. Like I said he will be moving up to the 4th grade as planned. He will not have his own aid, the class will have an aid but she will be there for all the kids, not just Ethan. Right now he is in D Level and I found out today he has progressed so much that our lovely Special Ed D Level teacher Mrs. M will be relinquishing Ethan to the lovely Mrs. K the B Level teacher.

MY BABY IS GOING TO B LEVEL. HE IS TOTALLY SKIPPING C LEVEL AND GOING STRAIGHT TO B LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm happy, excited, ecstatic, thrilled? No? I'll try harder. HEHE

I also found out that he has treated his aid more like his own personal assistant. Telling her to run "errands" for him. Asking her to tell Mrs. M he'd rather not go to her class today cause he is just fine where he is for now. Telling her to run along and find something to do (this is done with a wave of his hand as he shoo's her away). Telling her it's time for lunch and would she be willing to run to Burker King or McDonalds to buy them something. And the list goes on.

My son is the class comedian and his humor is lost on the other kids sometimes but its never lost on the teachers.

Unlike some autistic/retarded children, my son likes to be around others. He still doesn't like to be touched and normally won't interact with the other kids unless he initiates it but he's learning and getting "better" and tolerates being around others. He'll never be better but he's definitely improving.

Most of the kids love Ethan and I think all of the girls in his class adore Ethan. They all take care of him and if another kid from another class picks on him than the girls will stick up for Ethan and tell the mean kid off.

During the IEP, as the teachers, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and new diagnostician, sat around talking I finally realized they were saying B level, not C level. My heart skipped a few beats as I listened for each letter to come out of their mouths. I could hardly believe what they were talking about. My baby!

When the school counselor finally came in and sat down we were almost done, just had forms to sign, and learned that Ethan was going to B level his jaw dropped. He could hardly believe it too. He knew Ethan was doing so well but he'd been so busy he didn't know how well.

So, to the stupid-head, idiotic, dumbass diagnostician who told me my son would never learn and to our school's principal who told me to put him in a home: KISS MY WHITE ASS BIOTCHES!

We have proved you wrong. NO, wait, Ethan has proved you wrong. He did it, with help from my mom, his aid, and myself and Scott, but he still did it. He was willing to learn and willing to be pushed by us and work through his tears and my tears and learn to read, write, do math, learn about bugs and the solar system, and land forms in science, and write in cursive.

The second biggest thing of all was this report card. STRAIGHT A's. Again, he did it with the help of his aid but I found out his aid is only with him for 2 hours a day now. The majority of those A's are his. I can only imagine what Ethan would be like if he were a "normal" boy.

I don't want a normal boy though. I wouldn't change him for the world. God gave Ethan to me the way he is for a reason and I would never change that.

I Love You Ethan! and Congratulations on all your hard work.

Unfortunately we have many more years of hard work but I will be right here for you for anything that comes your way.

One last thing, Emma loves her hair now and is glad I had it cut that short. Apparently soccer was nicer without her long ponytail blowing in her face as she ran.
Tomorrow is the last soccer game until Fall.

I Am Happy


Walker said...

KISS MY WHITE ASS BIOTCHES! Naw call it for what it is BITCHES.
Some people just have no faith.
My friends grandson is autistic and has a clef pallet. He was born with a section of his brain missing and is blind in one eye.
They said her would be lucky to see 6. He has seen that and in 10.
Granted he doesn't learn as fast but he is progressing at his speed.
WTG Ethan show them who you are.
I'm sure his parents have alot to do with his progress to :D

drama mama said...

We have been shuttleing my son to Dr's for the last few years. They are not helpful. They make me crazy. We still don't have a firm diagnosis, but they are leaning towards Autism Spectrum Disorder and perhaps Cerebral Palsy.


Yea! for you family on your son's acheivements!

Here from Sam's blog!

Karin said...

Good job Ethan! He's very lucky to have a mom and family who work so hard with and for him :)

Laurie said...

YAY Ethan!!!!!!!!!!! That makes MY heart burst with pride!! I can only imagine how YOU must be feeling!!!!

Faith, baby. It was your faith.

Good job, mama.