Friday, May 12, 2006

Humorous Harley and Cleaning Closets (warning) LONG POST

My pudge's sense of humor has emerged. I've known for a while that he is just like his dad and loves attention and loves to make people laugh. The past week has been filled with his antics and play.

I first noticed the extra wanton attitude Tuesday night after everyone else was in bed asleep. I had taken off my bra, folded it up, and placed it on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. Sometimes a woman just needs to take off her bra and let the boobs roam free for a while before you head to bed. They need some breathing room too ya know! BOOBALANCH

All the lights in the house were off but the computer lamp and light from the TV was flickering around the living room

Harley noticed I was removing my bra and became overly excited. I wasn't sure why considering I hadn't nursed the boy since he was 4 months old.

He slowly moved away from his toys and would wander by me and give me a sideways look and let his glance slide towards my bra. I giggled and went back to watching Medium, which I'd recorded the night before.

He did the pass and glance a few times before he rushed me and grabbed the bra and ran away.

A couple minutes later he ran back by me yelling JIPPLES as loud as he could and he had his legs through the arm holes of the bra and was holding the bra up kind of riding it like it was a horse. He galloped by me a few times with his legs in the arm holes of the bra and the ends of the bra flapping behind him as he yelled JIPPLES.

Oh, the giggles, coming from me not Harley.

Last night was rather calm. The kids were ready for bed and nice and quiet by 7pm. I finished up some soccer stuff on the computer and then went and lay down with Emma to watch American Idol. We were both shocked at last night's outcome, probably like most of the other Idol fans! When it was over I wandered out to the front of the house to see what Scott was doing (he HATES American Idol and refuses to watch it). He was nodding off in his chair and he woke up enough to ask if I wanted to run to Lowe's to pick up some paint for Granny's room. Mom has decided that some fresh paint will help get rid of that smell Granny had in the last couple months before her death. I hope it does. That death smell just lingers, it's not nearly as noticeable but it's there.

We spent $75 at Lowe's and then came home to tackle our bedroom closet. I never realized how much of a packrat I was until Granny passed away. For some reason her death made me realize that I was just like her and saved everything, napkins from someone's wedding, tax returns from 15 years ago, an engagement announcement of a friend who has since divorced, Ethan's baby pictures from the hospital, earrings I thought I'd thrown away years ago because I wore them in high school, and who knows what else.

It took me about 1 1/2 hours to clean out my side of the closet floor and threw most of the stuff away. There are some clothes I put in a bag that I am swearing to myself I'll fit into again. Truthfully it might not happen but I'm going to try.

It took Scott about 45 minutes to clean out his side of the closet floor. His stuff was mainly big boxes that were empty. The Dell box from our new computer, the old printer box, and a box full of speaker wires, cables and rca jacks.

While we were cleaning we watched three Supernaturals that have been waiting to be viewed on TIVO for a month now.

This is where Harley decided to bring out his funny bone again. Scott and I took turns putting the little booger to bed. At first he would sneak into Ethan's bed. Poor Ethan would just scoot over to the edge of the bed and cover Harley up. Ethan has a twin bed and Harley likes to sleep spread eagle with his arm tucked behind his head. The time I caught him in Ethan's bed, Ethan was hanging off the side trying to hold on to the headboard, and Harley was on the pillow, arms tucked behind his head. His eyes were closed but I just stood there standing quietly for a couple minutes, just watching to see if he was really asleep. After a minute Harley cracked one eye open, then the other, and as soon as he saw me he snapped them closed again. I couldn't help but giggle.

I scooped him up and put him back to bed and told him to stay there. He asked for his many hugs and kisses and snuggled down. I assumed he would actually go to sleep this time. HA! What does assume mean? Hmm anybody know? Yep, I made an ass out of me. Ok, not necessarily an ass but I was thoroughly annoyed by now.

I shut our bedroom door and got in bed while Scott finished up his side of the closet. We were on our 3rd Supernatural and I was almost asleep. I didn't hear our bedroom door open but Harley managed to open our bedroom door without making a noise. He then proceeded to CRAWL down the little hallway and was sitting with his back against Scott's dresser, watching the TV. I have no idea how long he was there when a spooky part came on the screen and I heard him squeak. You might be wondering how we know he crawled down the hallway. I'll get to that in just a second.

Instead of getting out of bed I just called out his name. His little head popped around the corner and he smiled oh-so-brightly and said HI! He was escorted back to bed yet again, and the door shut soundly.

We waited for him to come back and had even turned the volume down on the TV. This time we heard the door creak open so Scott peeked around the corner to see what he was doing. That little turd was CRAWLING down the hallway and he settled in his spot, leaning up against the dresser.

We finally turned off our light and the TV, which is probably what we should have done to begin with but we didn't, and he finally stayed in bed. Until 3:08am.

He got up screaming and I could hear him heading out his bedroom calling for GAMMA, GAMMA! I grabbed him up and he calmed right down. I headed to the bathroom to pee and he started screaming again when I set him down so I could do the deed without a 30 pound turd hanging on. I think that's the fastest I've peed in a long time. I really didn't want to wake up the whole house.

He refused to let me go when I put him back in his bed and I was so tired I that I just gave up and plopped him in bed with us. He snuggled down and as soon as I lay down he plopped his head on my breast and his feet on Scott's chest. Pat, a friend and co-worker (the guy who walked me down the aisle when I married Scott), has called my overly-abundant breasts buckwheat pillows for years. Apparently Harley thinks the same thing and stayed there until my alarm went off. I also got a fist in the nose and just knew I'd have a bruise.

No bruise, too tired to think properly, and in need of caffeine or a nap the next morning.

But I love my baby and actually love the nights I "give in" and let him sleep with us. It's not hard for me to give in though.

I will now finish my very long post and say Good Night talk to ya'll tomorrow.


Britmum said...

I love reading your posts. You are so sweet. Harley sounds like an awesome little boy.

Have a super Mothers Day sweetie.

Take care,

Catherine xx

Big Gay Sam said...

Girl! I tagged you.

You better get on with it before I cloud up and rain all over you. :P

Bennu said...
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Walker said...

Harley is funny.
It only shows he is a happy kid.
I think these are the years you should cherish because as they get older they won't be running to you for comfort and I know you will miss it.
LOL I can see him riding your bra around the room LOL

Theresa said...

Ok, what it is with guys putting empty boxes on their side of the closet? Mine does the same thing! LOL!