Wednesday, May 31, 2006

15 days and counting

To Disneyland that is!

And I have survived yet another school year. Both kids are going on to the 4th grade and Emma no longer has the wicked witch of the west as her teacher. Well, she does for 3 more hours but that's all. Tomorrow is nothing but a big ice cream social for all three 3rd grade classes.

Emma's class had an awards ceremony yesterday and she received 2 honor roll certificates, a citizenship of the year award, and a spelling achievement award. I am so very proud.

Ethan's class awards were today and he received a citizenship award, a cheerful award, and an achievement award for testing out at a 10th grade level in comprehension. HA! I cried when I heard that. His teacher and aid didn't tell me on purpose because they wanted to make sure I heard it in front of his class and all the parents for some reason. His teacher was bragging! Go ahead, let her brag, she deserves it! Once again, BITE ME Mr. Diagnostician who told me Ethan would never learn. What do you think of that, 10th grade level! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk

The weekend with my aunt and uncle here was so nice. Well, maybe because we really didn't do much because Ethan and I were sick. Just sitting around and watching movies and talking was very nice, relaxing, much needed down time.

Emma stayed home from school last Thursday, she had spent the night before puking. Ethan waited until Friday night to start throwing up. At least he didn't miss any school. We were watching Chicken Little when I hear Ethan moaning. He had his puke bucket with him already. I looked over just in time to see him throw up in the bucket. Yippee. I got him cleaned up and in bed and once the movie was over got the other kids in bed. I had to change his bed one time before I got to sleep. I woke up about 4am with my stomach in knots. I took some tums and hoped it was just exhaustion but had a feeling it was my turn for the stomach bug. I spent all day Saturday in bed, sleeping. By Saturday night I was feeling a bit better but slept all night too.

Both kids were over their stomach thing within 24 hours but mine lasted from Saturday morning to last night. Not Fair! I lost 3lbs in 4 days though! I know, bad way to do it but they're gone.

Time for bed and I'll try to update more often.

Stepson will be here in 2 days and 13 hours.

We get him in Albuquerque Saturday and then are taking all the kids to see Over the Hedge.

More Later


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Laura said...

That is wonderful news about your children!

But boo hiss on the stomach bug....

thanks again for visiting my site!