Sunday, May 07, 2006

I haven't posted in so long I have no idea where to start.

Last week was ok and not much happened. Emma's first real therapy session was last Monday morning and I'm not sure what to think so far. She talks to the doctor and that is what matters.

The rest of the week was just work. No more soccer practice or games for a few months. :):)

Scott was off Thursday so we used that as our date night and went out with one a couple of friends. I ended up drinking a little too much and we didn't get home until almost 3am. I was a good girl and got up and made it to work on time. I did just fine during the day but when supper rolled around I was dragging.

I even stayed up late Friday night, waiting for Scott to get off work. I got caught up on Dr. Who on the Sci-Fi channel and a couple of other shows that I like that Scott doesn't.

Saturday came way too fast, only because mom had planned a yardsale and we all got up early to drag everything out before people started showing up. As usual people showed up early and were looking through what we had out already.

The day was perfect for a yardsale, nice and sunny, a few puffy clouds, and just enough of a breeze to keep you cool. I still managed to get sunburnt, even after applying lots of sunscreen many times. At least the kids came away unscathed.

There were times when we would have lots of people rifling through the goodies and then there were times when we would have no one. We finally closed up about 2pm but felt good with how much we had sold. Both mom and I were a little amazed that we hadn't sold some of our bigger items. In the past the bigger items have always gone first. Not this time though.

So I dragged all that stuff back into the house, Scott had chickened out and not asked for the day off and had to be to work by 2pm, and then collapsed for a couple of hours. The kids helped with what they could and were so good for the whole thing.

Mom took the kids and I out to dinner and we went to a little 50's style diner called Dad's Diner. The food is great and most of the waiters and waitresses are young. Our waitress was actually pleasant and asked how our day had gone. Mom is kind of like Scott and loves to talk to anyone about anything. Mom told our nice waitress about our yardsale and how she was amazed that we still had some big stuff left. NW eyes got big and she asked about the big stuff and we told her we had a couple of rocker-recliner chairs, a dining set, a headboard, and a couple of other things. NW had another waitress come over and they asked about the chairs and gave us a cell number to call with the promise of coming over to look at them. They were moving in together and had almost no furniture.

NW showed up today with a couple of big guys, Sam, you would have been in heaven because these guys were HOT. Even Emma commented on how cute they were.

NW loved the chairs and bought both of them and we asked if she wanted an end table too, which we would just give to her because we wanted it out of the playroom that bad. Our playroom now has just a little more room for play now that 2 chairs and an end table is gone.

Today was filled with not much. We went grocery shopping and that is always so much fun when Every. Single. Person!!! in the house comes along. It took us almost 3 hours to get groceries and not because the place was busy. We had 6 people all wanting to go six different ways.

I finally gave up trying to keep everyone together when my SIL and niece showed up. I just continued on with shopping and every once in a while would run into a child or husband or mom. Every once in a while I would hear a squeal from a kid because Scott was torturing them. Then I would hear a squeal from Scott because said kid would get him back. I am rather surprised that we haven't been kicked out of the grocery store yet. I'm sure our day will come though.

Harley was exhausted when we got home so I had to hurry to put groceries away because he wanted me to lay down with him. He refused to lay down unless it was in bed with me. I couldn't let my baby down could I? After the weekend we'd had I was ready for a nap.

I managed to get all the groceries put away in under 10 minutes, a record for me I might add. I have to make a trip back to the store though because I was a little too hurried and accidentally dropped a sack filled with a couple of glass jars. One was cranberry juice and it didn't break. Good thing, that cranberry juice comes in handy when you feel a bladder infection coming on plus I just love cranberry juice. The other jar was spaghetti sauce.

Unfortunately the pretty red sauce didn't make it. Our blue kitchen carpet has another stain. That poor carpet looks like a mini-war has been waged on it over the years. I'm so glad we'll be replacing it soon. I've picked out a wood floor to put in, messes will be easier to clean and stains will be easier to avoid.

My lovely husband cracked up laughing and started singing Another One Bite's the Dust when he saw what had happened. Harley helped me get him back though, when we lay down for a nap Harley was laying on my breast with his butt in Scott's face. A couple of minutes after we lay down I thought Harley was asleep but I didn't dare move. All of a sudden Harley lets out a pretty big fart and starts giggling so hard he can barely get out the words "I Tarted!" I think he actually fell asleep giggling.

Scott acted offended but was rather proud of his son. We had a good laugh about that. Amazing that most people laugh over bodily functions. I guess since you can't help but burp and fart you might as well laugh at it.

Right now I'm waiting for Harley to get sleepy enough to put to bed but I think the wait will be long. He ended up sleeping until a little after 6pm. Right now we are watching Homeward Bound on the Disney channel. He's fascinated by it. Well, that and his belly button. He shows it to anyone he can right now. Again. I was hoping that stage was over but its not.

Time to see if I can get him in bed and get myself to bed. I never manage to go to sleep before 1am on Sundays anymore, or should I say Mondays.

I'll try to update more this week.

And only 40 more days until we leave for Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm. I'm ready to go now!


Britmum said...

Sounds like you had a great family weekend. I must keep on reading blogs. Doesn't life just get so busy.

Take care xx

Britmum said...


I just read your post on Ethan. What a truly wonderful mother you are. He is a blessing to you.

Catherine xx

Shannon said...

Thank you Catherine!

guile said...

i want to go to disneyland..