Monday, May 08, 2006

Short post of Harley's Toddlerisms

Harley loves to point out anyone's jipples (nipples), especially his own. He will pull up his shirt for all to see his glorious Jipples!

He calls animals and people by their proper names, with one addition. It is either a mommy something or a daddy something. Whether it be a mommy frog or a daddy dog, everything is a mommy or daddy. He also loves to introduce the whole family to anyone he meets anymore. He will introduce Emma first and won't go on until the other person has said her name and then he will move on to Anie (Ethan), then gamma, mama, and daddy. The only catch is that the other person must repeat each name after Harley says it or he will keep on repeating the name.

I absolutely adore the way he talks. He forms sentences so well, they are a little halting at times but he uses 3 or more word sentences lately.

He is having the normal 2 year old temper tantrums but I've found if I take a stern tone immediately I can stop them before they become a full blown fit. All I have to do is tell him that's enough and 98% of the time he'll calm right down and say OK mama, and within seconds be happy again. The other 2% is ok, I can deal with it. Still, compared to the fits Ethan used to throw, Harley's are nothing. I would have to leave restaurants because of Ethan's toddler fits.

If we tell him no, he can't do something or take something out of the house, Harley will throw his arms up in the air (or throw the toy on the ground) and say FINE while he glares at you and wrinkles his nose. This is normally followed by a growl as he walks out the door or into another room.

Most mornings Harley is up before the kids and I leave for work and school. He'll climb up on the chair with Emma and share her breakfast and cow milk (chocolate milk). The only reason I can think of for Harley calling chocolate cow milk is because the Hershey's Syrup bottle has a cow on it and he is aware that chocolate comes out of that bottle. It's really rather adorable.

Scott loves to run around the house trying to scare the kids. Every time Scott sneaks up behind Harley and growls Harley will squeal, growl back, and then take some kind of stance and yell HIYA. I have no idea where the HIYA came from, with the stance even. Legs spread and arms up at the ready to strike out and HIYA whatever he can hit.

He plays with his bath toys now. Not just splashing play but standing up and plopping down on his butt to make a huge splash while throwing toys around and making exploding noises. I know his dad is a Marine but we really haven't gone over bombing noises with him and he doesn't watch anything like that on tv. His television day consists of the Backyardigans on Nickelodeon and The Wiggles on Disney. The rest of his day is play play play! Does that kind of noise come naturally to little boys?

That is all I can think of for now. For some reason I'm still worn out from the busy weekend. I'm off to bed after I finish watching a TIVO'd Invasion.

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Britmum said...

He sounds like a cute bundle of energy just like my Matthew. I can relate so much to him and I have enjoyed every single wonderful minute of Matthew. I love to snuggle up to him while he is in bed and listen to him breath. Ah....I wish they didn't have to grow up.

Take care xx