Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stepson is Here

And this 13 year old kid is exactly my heighth. Not a little bit shorter or a little bit taller but exactly my heighth.

And so far so good. Of course we've only had him for 33 1/2 hours.

His plane arrived early so we were out of the airport and on our way to see Over the Hedge at the Cottonwood Mall in Rio Rancho by 2:10 yesterday. We ate an oh-so-nutritional lunch of huge slices of pizza and then enjoyed the movie. I loved the movie. It had just enough sarcasm in it for the parents and enough cartoon humour and action for the kids. Harley sat entranced by it until it was almost over and he was ready for a nap.

After the movie we proceeded to spend almost $200 in clothes for all four kids at Old Navy. Scott has fallen in love with this store and he was so disappointed that he didn't find anything he liked this time. We are just lucky enough to live in a place that doesn't have an Old Navy. Scott really hates this.

When shopping was done and we hit the road to drive the 2 1/2 hours back home I was ready for a nap. Did I get one though? No. Why? you might ask. Because my lovely husband loves adventure and back roads and exploring roads we haven't taken. He turned off on a lovely little road that should have added only 1 hour to our trip. It was only 7pm, no big deal, home at 10:30 or so instead of 9:30 or so.

That was not our luck. He missed the turn off to get us looped back around and back onto the highway just north of a tiny place called Cuba.

We realized he missed the turn when we ended up in Los Alamos. And that town doesn't believe in street signs, or signs telling us anything at all. Or, maybe it was because we were so tired that our eyes were blurry and we missed the stinkin' signs. Either way I wasn't impressed with Los Alamos last night.

After spending 2 hours lost in Los AlaLost we ended up at a Sonic where a wonderfully nice girl there told us what roads we needed to take to get back home. Glad she knew where our town was! Note to self: NEED AN UPDATED MAP IN THE VAN

We finally walked in our front door at 1:30 this morning. A 2 1/2 hour trip took almost 7 hours. The scenery was gorgeous when we could see it. But when its pitch black and the trees cover up any moonlight and you can't see anything (meaning you never know when a deer or elk will jump out on the road and totally mangle your vehicle) and your 2 year old is crying because he's been stuck in that damn car seat for so long you start to not care about the damn scenery. You just want to get home! The older kids were very good. Emma slept, Stepson played his gameboy, and Ethan and I sang along to the songs on whatever CD happened to be in at the time. We harmonized very well on Pink. :)

But we got home safe and sound and the kids let Scott and I sleep til 10am this morning. It was rather nice.

I have done absolutely nothing today. Oh wait, I napped with Harley curled up beside me in bed while Scott played on the computer and chatted with a couple friends.

Then 5pm rolled around and Scott had to leave for work, Harley decided to wake up, and the other kdis were yelling for dinner.

Now it's almost midnight and I'm off to bed. Tomorrow has the unfortunate Monday label and 6:30am will be here pretty early.

Night all

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