Monday, June 12, 2006

Thank you Karin and Britmum for the hugs and thoughts. Something has worked.

Since Emma has started the meds she has slept through the night. She hasn't gotten up once to turn on all the lights in the house or watch tv. The daytime med takes a while to start working but I've noticed a calming effect already. She can take requests to do chores without a meltdown and tears. Another week or so and we shall see if this is the way we need to go or if there is another path to take. Cute doctor man in Durango wrote a script for Emma to have a full panel of blood work done and so she had to have it done while fasting. My mom was wonderful and took her to get the blood drawn this past Friday morning. I got a call when they were done that Emma did beautifully and the lucky girl didn't even bruise.

In other news in our crazy household: All the kids are in an uproar about the looming trip. Secretly all of us adults are too but we are trying to hide it so the kids will stay a little calm. It's not really working though.

I get to meet more of Scott's family Saturday morning. He has a couple cousins that work for Knottsberry Farms and we are meeting them for breakfast and they might give us a tour of the park, if they have time. Both have to work that day. I don't know if working at a huge theme park would be fun or not for me. It is for them, apparently they have worked there for their whole adult lives.

Scott is trying to get me on some of those huge roller coasters. I DON'T THINK SO. I am chicken! I had a hard time doing Splash Mountain at Disneyland! Go look at some of those roller coasters! The one on their home page? No Way, No How. I am Not going to sit on a chair and squeeze my too ample chest under a locking device to strap me in and then have my feet dangle, DANGLE, in the air as I'm whipped about millions of feet in the air. Ok, maybe millions is an exaggeration. But you get the picture. I'm asceered.

Big Foot Rapids I will do. I don't know why that is different, maybe the water helps.

Knowing my lovely husband, he'll be able to talk me into going on every. single. roller caoster there is. If I live to tell about it I'll let you know how I did.

Right now what I'm most excited about is seeing my mom's face when we walk her down Main Street in Disneyland. She has dreamed for years of going and it took lots of talking to get her to come with us this summer. She loves Disney stuff just as much as I do but she's more of a Mickey fan. That's ok, not every one is perfect! ;) We all know that Winnie the Pooh is da bomb. That rumbly bear is the best.

We will be in Flagstaff three days from now. We are making the drive to California last for 2 days. We leave Thursday night when Scott and I get off work and will drive to Flagstaff to spend the night. We plan on getting up and leaving at the butt crack of dawn Friday morning so we can reach the beach with plenty of time to play, eat supper, and then watch the sunset on the beach. SIL and her family are still coming with us but they have all of a sudden made all these plans without us so we are doing our own thing. This is the second time SIL and her husband have done this to us so we've decided no more big family vacations after this one.

Harley is excited to spend the weekend with his Nana. He's going on about the chickens (bok boks) and the dogs and the kittens. I'll miss him lots but he just wouldn't have fun yet and last year showed me it was way too hard to try to maneuver a stroller around the park.

And then there is me. I got a call from my Gynnie telling me I had an abnormal pap smear and they needed to set up an appointment for me to go back so she could have another looksie. I asked her if it was because of all the bad jokes I made the last time I was there. So, I go on the 28th to have that done. I'm not sure what it's called. I know they will stick that wonderful duck bill back up my cookie and then spray vinegar in there (OUCH) to see where any abnormal cells might be. I'm not worried about it. Scott said he's not either but he keeps questioning me. My first appointment was actually this Wednesday but my Gynnie said I won't be able to swim, get in a hot tub, or have sex for 3 days or so once its done. So it was rescheduled.

I'm off to bed. I'm tired and I've waited up as long as I can for Scott. His hours are outrageous this week so he can get all of his time on the next paycheck since we are out of the state for a few days.

Oh, we caught Harley standing in front of the fridge, fridge door wide open, lid of the chocolate syrup set on the counter, and the chocolate syrup bottle in his hands, tipped up so he could drink the loverly yumminess of his Cow Milk right out of the bottle. Who needs actual milk for that stuff? Just chug it right out of the bottle! My mom took the bottle away and had it put up before I could get the camera. Black mail pictures ya know. Harley was also caught standing on the arms of his booster seat, balancing. Not hanging on to anything. Ready to topple the few feet to our hard kitchen floor at any time but not caring because he is Big Daredevil Boy. Apparently just like his dad. I aged a few years when I saw him doing that.

Note to self: need to get the child proof door lock for fridges. I know they make them but it will probably be pointless. My Pudge will have it figured out and unlocked in under a day once we get it installed.
He has mommy's brains and daddy's daring streak. I don't know if that is a good combo or not.

I need to invest in a good hair dyeing company.


Laura said...

Oh, I hope you guys have a great time!!!!! Sounds like fun. Ive never been to Disney in California - only a bunch of times in Florida!!!!

Chocolate syrup! Kids got the right idea!!!

Karin said...

Have a wonderful trip!