Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I should be sleeping

It's almost midnight here in the Land of Enchantment and I should be sound asleep. I'm a procrastinator though and chose to pack tonight instead of doing it over the weekend. Ah well. I'm done now, except for the bathroom bags and meds.

Scott got home from work and then turned around and went to Walmart with Stepson because Stepson finally told us his shoes are hurting his feet because they are too small. He could have told me this evening when I got home from work and made the three younger kids get in the car so we could head to Sam's Club and Walmart to get some snacks, juices, and Ethan a new swimsuit. That boy has gone from a size 12 last summer to a size 16/18 this summer. He's a chunk. Strattera doesn't affect his appetite like the Ritalin did and it is so hard to help him to understand that he doesn't have to eat 24/7.

Did Stepson tell me though? Nooooo. He waited until almost 10pm to let me know and by then I was tired and lounging in the chair with a freshly bathed Pudge sleeping on my shoulder. Plus I already had my bra off and that sucker wasn't going back on my body until my shoulders have had a few hours break.


I really don't know how I'm going to make it through work tomorrow. I'm ready to explode but at the same time I'm so tired I'm seeing double as I type. And I realized my house is a mess and my friend who volunteered to house-sit is going to think we have turned into slobs!

My kitchen and bathrooms are clean and that's about it. Gues What? I don't care! I get to hug Winnie the Pooh again in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm off to bed. Scott and Stepson should be home in about 20 minutes or so.

Everyone have a great weekend and I'll share any good stories when we get back. I should really just break down and buy a laptop one of these days so I can write them as they happen so I don't forget anything.


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Walker said...

OK all together.
I was leaving for a week and it took me a week toi get the house clean.
Makes me wonder what I need a house this big for,
The cats use it more than O do.
OMG its a cat house and I am in it.