Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation Time

Only 16 more days until we leave for Disneyland. I tried to talk Scott into Sea World this year but then we both decided to wait until we can take all 4 kids.

I'm looking forward to the trip finally. I wasn't for so long because we've been there once a year for the past 4 years now. I've decided that it will be fun because I won't have kids to worry about. Stepson will be with us but he is 14 and I won't have to worry about him. I'll actually get to explore California Adventure this time. Last time we were at California Adventure we had all 4 kids and I really didn't enjoy it.

Only 16 more days until we get to escape all the stupid drama around here. Major drama is Emma. She is making herself sick now because she wants to come home so bad. But, I caught her acting! She called me Saturday morning, it was about 7am which means it was 6am there. She was crying so hard, or at least very convincingly sounded like she was crying so hard begging to come home that she missed us and was having no fun at all. I heard Ethan (why in the world are they up so early! especially on a Saturday!) in the background and asked to speak to him. She was immediately fine and yelled for Ethan to grab the phone because I wanted to talk to him. As she handed the phone to Ethan she told him to hurry up because she wanted to talk to me more. All in a perfectly normal voice. No hiccuping, no teary sounds. She was ok. I am now convinced she only wants to come home early because she is missing Disneyland. I wondered at first but now I'm sure. Little terd. Their stepmom's nerves are shot though and asked me to get them July 21st. Not because she wants to get rid of them but because she is exhausted. Their dad's ship will be leaving a week before that and will be gone for about 3 months so they won't see them again anyways. I feel for her right now. I finally broke down and told their stepmom to make Emma put her swimsuit on and have fun and make Emma participate. So we'll see how that goes. I didn't hear from Emma at all yesterday.

Another drama. My in-laws. The anger from my SIL has now trickled over to my MIL. She is mad us at now as well. All because we stuck up for something we felt was wrong. I told Scott last night I was done. I'm going to stay away from his family until they can be nice and not treat us like we are scum. My MIL brought my stepson home yesterday to pick up some clothes. He spent the night with the bratty cousin, yes, we are still letting them spend time together. It's not fair to stepson to make him stay home alone and not have fun. Besides, he has some control over his bratty cousin and bratty cousin seems to calm down when he's around my stepson. Anyways, they showed up about 6pm last night and she refused to come into the house or talk to me. Normally she just walks right in and will sit down and talk and talk but last night she walked stepson up to the front door, hugged Harley, and when I told her to come on in, she just looked at me, turned around and went back to her car to wait.

So I'm done. It's not worth the stress and tension it's causing and I told Scott when they can be friendly and not snub me then I'll participate in family functions again. I noticed I felt so much better after making this decision. Normally I'm dead tired by 7pm and ready to just sleep. After that decision I was fine. Scott made dinner so I did the dishes, gave boy his bath, did some laundry, straightened up most of the house and by 11:30pm I was still feeling great. I even gave Scott a foot massage. We watched Beach Patrol on CourtTV and I finally went to sleep about 1am. I did take me a while to wake up this morning but I got boy to the babysitter and got to work on time. I even managed to feed the dogs before I left.

Scott has this ability to just let stuff go. He very rarely gets angry and the only people he's held a grudge against are his ex's. He just lets everything slide right off. I wish I could learn how to do that. I did a pretty good job last night and feel great. But I've also been walking with friends 3 nights a week and that exercise paired with my physical therapy have just made me feel better.

Don't worry Walker, I'm not pushing it. I'm being good and not lifting anything heavy yet. I sit down and have Harley climb onto my lap. It's just so nice to be able to get out of bed in the morning and have no pain!

Well, I'm typing this at work, very rarely do I get to do this here so I better not push my luck.

Everyone have a great week!


Shaz said...

Family Pfttt..... Enjoy your holiday and dont stress.I am glad your back is getting better.

Walker said...

Either you have been a busier blogger lately or I have been a neglectful; reader.
I am glad to hear that you are taking it easy on the back and letting I heal.

Emma gets a nomination for an Oscar but judge mom knows sloppy acting when she sees it.
Your MIL could just accept it and move on, she is the one who is loosing out and kudos to you for letting it float over your head.
Unless something is serious and fixable then stress, when it’s trivial or nothing can be done, just move on and leave the stressing to the control freaks.