Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Night

I spent this evening at a 2 year old's birthday party with Harley. At the swimming pool. I was oh so brave and put my suit on and joined in the fun. There were about 30 people there and I knew about 8 of them. I was very brave for swimming. I'm so proud of me!

Scott was supposed to have gone with us but he was called in to work. He was given today off because he already has about 55 hours this week. The bigwigs came to visit his store so everyone worked extra hard to make the store look presentable. If they would keep it that way all the time, bigwigs visiting wouldn't be a big deal. Just my opinion. Anyways, whoever was closing tonight called in sick so they called Scott in to work. Another 5 1/2 hours. The next paycheck will be rather nice.

I've spent this week working, walking with friends at night (we are wimps and have been walking around the mall because it is still around 100 degrees at 7:30pm when we start walking), going to physical therapy for my back (which I might be able to stop soon! YEAH, my back feels almost 100% better since I started PT), and taking care of Harley.

My mom flew to Minnesota to visit my uncle and listen to him call everyone a Dink for the next 2 weeks. It's nice and quiet here. No Ethan and Emma and Mom. She was so ready to go and get away from us and we were ready for her to go. The breaks we get from each other every summer are just right.

Emma has called crying and begging to come home every day, except for yesterday and today, since she got there. Part of me wants to fly up to Washington and get her and bring her home. Another part wants her to stay there so I can have a break from the attitude. And yet another part feels she should stay there because it is only fair for her to spend time with her dad and step mom. I know here dad's ship is out to sea most of the summer but the few times he will be in port at least they will be there to say HI and give him a hug. Their step mom is wonderful and I know they like her.

The day we left them with their step mom I was so sure that Emma was going to ask if she could move up to Washington and live with them. Just something she said to her step mom that gave me that idea. That worry has flown out of my mind. I understand she misses us and wants to come home but I have to be strong and tell her she needs to stay there. It's only fair. Fairness sucks sometimes.

It'll be OK though and it will be time to leave to make the 14 hour drive to get my demon children.

That day won't be here soon enough though.

Scott is off all weekend and we don't have anything at all planned, well, maybe seeing the new Stephen King movie, 1408. Read the book and very excited to see the movie!

Everyone have a great weekend. I'm off to bed, swimming with a 3 year old is so very tiring!

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Walker said...

I'm sure the kids will eventually get to feel comfortable with their faather ans time will fly by so fast you won;tr know they have been gone when you pick them up.
The first thing you will say when you see them will probably be that they have grown so much LOL

I'm glad to hear your back is getting alot better but take it easy still, I though muy leg was better until I tried something and tore it again.