Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day To All The Fathers

Scott had to work today. In the retail business there are a few holidays, Fathers Day isn't one of them.

Stepson's view of his dad working today? That's Gay.... OK, the verbiage of a 14 year old boy.

I've been pretty lazy today. I was up at 8am and ate breakfast with Harley and read the paper while he watched the Wonder Pets. Then I showered while Harley ran in and out of the bathroom and opened the shower curtain and had to pee every few seconds. He got mad because I kept dripping on him so I left him sitting on the toilet until I was out of the shower. I only took a 10 minute shower.
After I got dressed Harley and I colored a picture of a trophy that says World's Greatest Dad and then we had waffles for lunch and then we lay down to take a nap and I had him almost asleep when Scott walked in. He got off a few hours early so we all took a nap together. Scott hugging one side of the bed, me hugging the other and Harley laying between us with his head on Scott's chest and his feet on my stomach. The joys of being a 3 year old and getting away with that kind of bed hogging.

I really should finish laundry, do dinner dishes, and who knows what else I could find but I just don't want to. For some reason I'm extra lazy on the weekends where I've worked on Saturday. I worked a whole 5 1/2 hours yesterday but still just didn't feel like doing much today.

So, the soccer meeting. Went OK. Nobody got mad at me and that made it so hard to tell them off and stay angry. I'm just not that kind of person. I waited and waited for some snide remark to fly and it never did. So, I'm stuck. I could quit at any time but I'm not that kind of person either. I just can't leave them stuck without the help. I'm too nice sometimes. I guess I can deal with it as long as Emma wants to play soccer.

And then there is Emma. I've heard from her 4 times this weekend. She called me Friday crying and screaming and when she finally calmed down I found out she was just bored. I told her if she couldn't call with tears then she wouldn't' be calling. The other times I've talked to her this weekend she has been calm but whiny. If this keeps up the next 2 months are going to be extremely long. I do miss them but I'd rather talk to her just a few times while she's gone, it would be easier on me!

Only 25 more days til we head back to Anaheim and Disney. And the beach and sushi and a BBQ place I saw on the Food Network and who knows what else. My SIL and family are definitely not going. Supposedly because my BIL can't get that weekend off from work. But he works for the city and Scott and I know how the city here works when it comes to time off. They just don't want to go with us because they are mad that we got upset for SIL's son back talking his grandma. I'm still floored that she got mad at us, not at her son for being snotty to his grandma. If it had been my son he would have been in serious trouble. We found out tonight that the camping trip we were invited to was changed and just my stepson is invited. The 3rd of July party they planned was cancelled, well, at least our invitation was taken back. They are that angry with us. Oh well. The 3rd is my birthday and I didn't relish the idea of celebrating the day at a party that was planned for myself and a 2 year old, who shares my birthday. My SIL had planned the party a couple of months ago and it was supposed to be a surprise but she was trying to find a way of combining a 2 year old party with a 34 year old party. I walked in on my husband trying to talk my SIL out of it, trying to convince her to just celebrate the 2 year old's birthday, that it wouldn't hurt my feelings but she wouldn't give it up. Until we pissed her off. HA!!!

Now I can go eat at whatever restaurant I choose and go watch a movie on my birthday and not hurt their feelings. I can be selfish at times.

Off to rally the 3 year old to bed. Even though he took a nap he is still GROUCHY.

Have a Great Week

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Walker said...

If they don't want you there then the loose the way I see it.
Snoptty people shoudl be left in some dark closet where fun people can't see them.
If this is punishment it surely isn;t yours it's theirs.

Send them a post card telling them how fun it is without them.
I hate people like that.
You were right, if the kid was bad with his grandmother then he should have been delt with by his parents if they had any respect for the grandmother.

I hope your daughter starts having some fun and he summer gets better.

Have a nice day.

PS kids get their way in bed no matter how old they are LOL