Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time To Punish The Stepson - warning CUSSING involved in this post

We discovered stepson has been conversing with a 20 year old girl from Dallas. We don't know where they met, we are assuming on MySpace. He told us they met on the plane when he was on his way here earlier this month. He told his mom that they met at school or church. He told the girl if she is ever asked that they met through his cousin.

Stepson's mom discovered it, because she is a good mom and monitors his MySpace account, and emailed us the emails they have exchange recently. I know some people will think it wrong that his MySpace account is monitored but this is exactly why that shit needs to be monitored.

Apparently I've been looking over his shoulders while they talk back and forth and have said OK to everything, them meeting for some midnight book release in Dallas at Barnes and Nobles and if I'm ok with her then his real mom will be ok with her too.

Little Punk is lying to all of us about everything. I'm wondering if Miss 20 Year Old knows she is dealing with a 14 Year Old Boy......

I'm pissed that he would use me like that. I assumed a kid who wanted to go to Harvard and become a doctor or a lawyer would be smarter than that. I was so fucking wrong.

From the way the email from his mom is written it sounds like she believes that I'm ok with all of this and she is fucking pissed at me.

Only a person who wants to have their stepson's mom pissed at them would be ok with a 20 year old meeting a 14 year old. I have no desire to piss off stepson's mom. Even though we've never met she seems to have a problem with me, even before this whole issue came up.

Stepson is not allowed on the computer for 2 days. That is Scott's punishment. I think computer time should be taken away for longer than 2 days.

I think Scott is worried that stepson will be bored. You know what, I don't care. He can suck it up and clean the house this weekend and then maybe get back on the computer next week.

Or is that a little harsh.

I'm just angry that he would lie like that. I was angry enough I called and bothered Scott while he was at work.

I'm sure this house will be quite interesting when Scott gets home from work in 1 1/2 hours.

Now that I've vented a little I'm going to do some more laundry!


Walker said...

Hmmm how do I comment on this one?
You see I have a 34 year old son and his mother is about 59 now, I'm 48.

I lied like a dog and told her I was older, I looked like 20.
She was kinda hot so ummm.
BUT I didn't meet her on the internet.
I did 't the old fashion way.
I met her in a bar.

Times have changed though and it is more dangerous out there and as parents and the ones that pay the bills, internet included have the right to know what is happening until they move out and maek their own decisions

Have a nice day

Walker said...

Happy Forth Of July

Shaz said...

2 days Pfttt I would gave him 2 How lucky is he? or how mean am I.