Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The kids have been with their dad and stepmom for 4 whole days now and I have'nt had a chance to miss them yet. I've spent this week getting ready and going on another business trip to Santa Fe. I do love those though. Always a new place to eat and different people to meet.

I went with a couple of co-workers that are actually good friends. We ate sushi at a place called Osaka and then we went to see Knocked Up. Very Funny Movie. It almost felt like we were the only ones laughing though. The movie theater was pretty full for a Tuesday night but it was pretty quiet. It is a pretty raunchy movie and does have more than one sex scene in it. I will definitely see it again.

It has an 8 year old little girl that thinks that storks drop babies from the sky and a hole opens up in the mom's head for the baby to fall through. The way she described it was so funny I had tears streaming down my face. I don't know why I found it so funny, maybe because she was so cute and innocent looking the whole time.

So far I'm ok with the kids gone and I haven't heard from them. Only a matter of time though before I miss hearing their screams and giggles.

I've decided to turn in my resignation as the soccer secretary. An email was sent out reminding the whole board of tomorrow night's meeting and it was said in such a way that since I neglected to tell anyone I was out of town that is why the reminder was late. This is the first time in 2 years I forgot about the meeting. Last month I sent out the reminder on time and did everything that should have been done on time and showed up for the meeting. No one else did. I've had a few other instances of snobbiness over something I did or didn't do just right and these were things I knew nothing about and the whole attitude was well, I just should have known what I was doing. So, I'm done. I'll go to tomorrow nights meeting and take the minutes and turn in my resignation. I've got enough to keep me busy without adding that.

And one last thing before I go to bed. I've started a walking club with a couple of other friends. People come and join us when they can and we've walked at least a mile every time we meet before we know it. We are upping it to 2 miles the next time we meet so we'll see how I do.

I'm exhausted after driving 3 hours to Santa Fe yesterday morning, sitting through the training for another 4 hours, staying up late to watch a movie and then going to more training this morning and then driving the 3 hours back home.

I am now going to snuggle with Harley and let him sleep with me until Scott gets home from work. He is such a good snuggler!

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Walker said...

You know, you may have solved a mystery I have been having for decades.
My mother always said I was a headake and now I think I know why LOL

If they can't appreciate you for your work then let the Soccer club see what it's like without you and as you said, you do have a fuk plate to deal with.


There is no membership you need to pay, you get a tan(except in the winter then its frostbite)and you meet great people.
OH and there is the excersize factor which really you don;t notice much.

Two thing though, bring lots of water and cab fare incase ypou walk to far LOL
Have a nice day :)