Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today is March 8th, 2006

And it is snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Emma has kept a running count down to her birthday. Every morning when she gets up she'll run back to our bedroom to inform hubby and I exactly how many more days to the wonderous day.

This morning she told us "You do realize that there is only 24 more hours to my birthday? You do know this right? Because it would be very sad for you to forget that." And then she ran out of our room laughing like a hyena.

My girl, she is weird!

My baby girl will be 9 whole years old tomorrow.....


Chocolatism: All the really good holidays are celebrated with chocolate in some kind of festive shape.


Walker said...

Looking at my watch it says 24 hour have lapsed.
Happy Birthday to your little girl :)

ok I can't get excited I have heaps of it all over.
Maybe if I move to Hawaii
I hope you have a good day with the birthday girl

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl!!