Friday, March 17, 2006

I haven't posted in a few days for a few reasons. Reason number 1 is work. We lost access to a majority of our internet access at work and that is where I do my blog reading and posting. Now I get to get used to doing it at home.
Reason number 2 is soccer. Between soccer practice and soccer meetings my after work time has been busy.
Reason number 3 is my former general manager and good friend is in the hospital and shying away from death's door. His kidney's and liver have shut down, yes from drinking, but his mind, heart, and lungs are in perfect condition. He is only 1 year older than Scott. He doesn't want to die and is fighting it and trying to live for his family and friends. He is fighting up to a point I should say. He barely eats and is malnourished and there is no hope for transplants or dialysis unless he starts eating. It is so hard to know what to pray for. His wife is very upbeat and sure everything will be ok. Or at least that is the facade she is putting on. She let it slip last night that she doesn't know what to wish for either right now. She wants to keep him by her side of course but she also doesn't want him to suffer like he is. It's very sad right now.

In other news mom's shoulder is slowly getting better. She is finally able to drive around, it is very scary to ride with her so I do all the driving when I'm home. She is allowed to do minimal physical therapy at home and might not have to go to the therapist because she has gone through this three times now. That will definitely save her money.

The kids were home from school today because of parent-teacher conference. In this school system you take your child to the conference with you. They are asked to give their input after the teacher has filled us in on how they are doing. Both Emma and Ethan have A's and B's, of course Ethan's is with the help of his aid but HEY, he is trying by himself most of the time so not all of it is due to his aid!!!

Emma's teacher doesn't like her and it has taken me all year to figure out why this out-of-retirement teacher doesn't like her. Mrs. V used to teach with my mom and she didn't approve of the way my mom taught. My mom was too lenient on the kids because she let them have fun every once in a while. Heaven forbid a child have fun at school. I still have people come up and tell me how strict my mom was and some hated her for it and some have said thank you because it made them appreciate school.

But, but, but!! Poor Emma actually has two strikes against her because Scott's dad used to work for Mr. and Mrs. V in their car sales business and he made them so much money that his paychecks were always huge. He worked on commission so of course he worked hard to bring home a good paycheck for his family. Mrs. V hated that dad brought home so much money and could never understand that his good paycheck meant an even better one for her and her husband. She's not very smart for a teacher.
So, since this Mrs. V knows and dislikes both grandparents my daughter is suffering for it. There are only 2 1/2 more months of school and I keep telling Emma we can make it through this and next year will be better. So far she is staying positive.

Harley is great and grouchy all at the same time. His last four teeth are coming in at the same time and I think he's about to grow some more because he is eating more than I am right now. I don't know where he is putting it and I'm starting to believe the whole hollow leg thing! His vocabulary has grown and I'm amazed at what he can say and how he is finally speaking in sentences. But only when he wants to. If he doesn't feel like talking he still wrinkles his nose at you and does his growly hiss. Still wondering where he got that too.

I told Scott this evening that it's my turn to have a weekend away with no kids or spouse. Just me and maybe a friend getting a room in another state, like Nevada, and just relaxing and having fun without husbands or kids asking for every little bit of time. Please, don't get me wrong I love my husband and kids more than anything but I'm feeling overwhelmed still.
I'm still having to do all the housework, laundry, cooking, dishes, and caring for the kids by myself. No big deal at all but when Scott is home he's not really helping right now. He was a little before he went to Vegas with his dad but since he got home he hasn't done anything. I'm trying very hard to not complain or start whining but I'm so exhausted that I'm not sleeping good. I'm sleeping about 3 to 4 hours a night and those hours are filled with really weird dreams and I wake up every hour or so to check to see what time it is.

Right now it is 10:30pm and I'm waiting for Scott to get off work and I have candles lit all over our room and music on. The kids went to sleep mad at me because I put them to bed at 9pm on a Friday night and OH MY GOD. You'd think that is unforgiveable and I should be punished severly for it. They'll get over it.

I will admit I've had a green apple Smirnoff and we are supposed to meet some friends at a place called the Top Deck, a country bar, for a St. Patty's day celebration. I'm not sure if we'll make it because I've already got my pj's on and I won't want to change when Scott does get home.

Time to go and make myself change so we can have a night out. Ok, it will be just a couple hours but it will be worth it!

Chocolatism: I'm not a quitter so I'm refuse to quit chocolate.


Marlene said...

Hope you had a fun night!

Walker said...

Why are you com[plaining for not posting in a while.
Go back and read this post.
Where did you have time to even think of posting.
You 've been busy.
I hope your friend gets better.
I see nothing wring with you going off and having some RR. Maybe by that time Scott would have gotten back into helping around the house since he would have to do it on his own while your gone.
Mrs V should take a Valium and grow up and relax.

Britmum said...

I am sorry to hear about you friend. I hope that he does get better.

Take care