Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm Alive

And I haven't seen any grey hair poking through my new pretty brown color yet so I'm OK.

No, really, I had lots of fun with the girls. It was Emma and two of her friends and then J, my 14 year old niece. One little girl couldn't come because she is a diabetic and her mom doesn't let her out of her sight, other than school, for more than a couple hours. The mom feels no one can take better care of her daughter than she can, which is true. I've explained before to this mom that Scott is also diabetic and we all know how to handle an emergency if she were to have any problems but the mom declined to let her daughter come. I don't argue with this mom I just say ok maybe next time. Poor girl lives a very sheltered life and when she gets older she will probably be wild. Hopefully not, she is such a sweetie. The other little girl that was going to come forgot to give the invitation to her mom until the afternoon of the party and her mom said no and then called me to ask why I gave out invitations to a movie party the day of the party. I told her we had actually dropped off the invitation at their house a week before hand and I had talked to this mom when we knocked on the door. Said mom said oh ok, maybe next time and hung up. I think I'm kind of glad this little girl didn't make it.

They were wild at the restaurant but Scott was egging it on and the other patrons were pretty loud so it seemed ok. All three little girls had root beer floats and the place we ate makes their root beer floats in HUGE glasses. All three devoured their floats and their meals and then all ate popcorn and had a soda at the movie. Sugar High.

One girl had to go home after the movie because she had another party Saturday morning but my niece and the other little girl spent the night. I think they finally crashed about 2am Saturday morning and were up and yelling for food by 8am. Both Emma and the other girl are in soccer and had games that morning but the weather was too bad for games so everything was cancelled. I was so happy for all that snow until about 2pm Saturday when they had pushed one too many buttons. When 3pm rolled around I told Emma to please walk her friend home, it was time for peace. And a NAP!

Aquamarine is a cute movie for little girls. I enjoyed it though and the girls were excellent the whole time. They sat in the very front row and my niece and I sat right behind them. It was actually me acting up in the movie. I kept teasing the girls that we were sitting so close that we would be able to see any boogers in the actor's noses once the movie started. This brought on gales of giggles from all the little girls around us, not just my three. At one point during the movie I even leaned forward and whispered "Look, there's a boogie now!" giggle giggle gigggle...

I got a lot done this weekend even with the girls there. Scott and his dad left for Las Vegas at 6am Saturday morning. Bad weather and all. Scott called when the finally drove out of the snow and they were half way to Vegas, about 5 hours into the trip. Without Scott at home to bug me, say lets go here or there, I actually got most of the laundry and cleaning done Saturday.

Scott sent me a text message this morning about 9am here, so 8am there, letting me know they had slept in later than they wanted but were on their way home. I'm so glad because I haven't slept well at all the past couple nights.

I gave in Saturday night and let Emma sleep with me but she tosses and turns and I ended up with knees in my back and only slept good about 2 hours. Last night she slept in her own bed but I still didn't sleep good. I finally did more than doze about 4:30, only an hour and a half before the alarm goes off.

I'm in dire need of a nap right now. Or maybe just outrageous amounts of caffeine.

Chocolatism: A nutritional information label on a chocolate bar is not a good idea.

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