Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Break and a new Kitchen Table

I have slacked off on my posting for absolutely no reason. Well, does laziness count? We haven't been too terribly busy but I'm not sure where the past week has gone.

I've cleaned, worked, chased kids and cooked. Scott and I have searched for new kitchen chairs for a couple months now and we finally found a set that we both loved. The only problem was we both loved the table that matched the chairs and we hadn't planned on buying a new kitchen table. Mom, Scott, and I sat around that table in the furniture store pondering the fate of our old table. We've had it for years and the table is in excellent shape but the chairs need to be re-covered and the legs need to be fixed. The two legs of the table make it hard for the chairs to fit under it when we aren't sitting at the table. The legs have "feet" that kind of splay out and under the table.

During the pondering I noticed that the new table had four legs and they go straight down, leaving plenty of room for the chairs to fit underneath. It's a dark wood and the design is absolutely gorgeous. I sat there and went back and forth in my head, do we need a new table or not, do I want another payment for a few months or not, would just the chairs look ok with our old table, or not. I came up with No, we didn't need a new table, just the chairs, No I didn't want another monthly payment (even if it is just for a few months, we could have paid for the set but I didn't want to empty our bank!), and No the new chairs would Not look good with our old table.

I knew I was taking a while to make the decision but the store wasn't busy and we had nothing else to do that night. The kids have Spring Break this week so I wasn't worried about getting them to bed on time. Apparently Scott was in a hurry because he made the decision and told the sales lady we'd take it.

The very patient sales lady wrote up the order as I filled out the information for the financing, I just wasn't willing to empty the bank for the set and leave us broke for a week, and we waited for the approval to come through. VP sales lady said it would take about 20 minutes for the approval to come through but ours came through in 5 minutes. She was shocked and said she has never seen an approval come in that fast. I'm assuming that's a good thing.

Mom kind of irritated me while we were waiting because she asked if my credit was good enough to get this. I snapped at her of course it was good enough; I've worked my butt off to clean up my credit and keep it clean since divorcing SW and I plan on keeping it clean from now on. She just looked at me and said she just wanted to make sure so I wouldn't be disappointed. I apologized for snapping and said if I thought my credit wasn't ok I wouldn't have said ok to filling out the application.

VP sales lady got everything set up for delivery and I signed a little bit more of my paycheck away for the next few months. And we were doing so well because we had paid off two bills with part of our tax refund. Oh well.

After all that was done I rushed us home so we could rearrange and clean the kitchen so our purty new table would fit in. And when I say clean, I mean CLEAN. We have a kitchen/dining room in one long room. We have two refrigerators and one deep freeze along with the normal appliances in our kitchen/dining room. With 7, sometimes 8, people in the house we need the extra fridge space. One fridge and the deep freeze were in the dining area and the table was in the kitchen area. We pulled everything that would move out of the kitchen/dining room and vacuumed the floors and then I washed the walls. We cleaned every surface in that room and it's just so nice to walk into it right now! I made sure that our purty new table would feel at home by making our same ol' kitchen look almost brand new. I have a feeling the painting will now get done so my purty "new" cabinets will compliment my purty new table and chairs.

We now have both fridges and the deep freeze in the kitchen along with the other appliances. The new table, which was delivered Wednesday afternoon, is in the dining area, next to the fire place. Its so beautimous, I lurve my new table so much! I'm so glad Scott made the decision to get the table. It is definitely worth it.

In other news:

I've made it to the gym three days this week and am going again today. I found that going on my lunch gives me a 45 minute workout and I actually go because I'm already up and out of the house. I've also found that I'm not tired and droopy feeling in the afternoons anymore. I can make it through the afternoon without getting tired or wanting to snack. I'm finally getting back into the groove of the gym.

I'm still allowing myself chocolate every day but it's only one small piece instead of the whole bar now. It now takes a week to eat a regular size candy bar! I'm actually kind of proud of myself and I'm going to try my hardest to keep it up.

In Harley news he's a grouchy two year old right now. Those four teeth that were all coming in at the same time has now become two teeth because the two bottom teeth have pulled a disappearing act and are back under the gums. He's just not a happy camper right now. His latest thing is to grab a kleenex and do a fake sneeze into it. Then he really blows his nose! It is so funny to watch this little boy run around fake sneezing into a kleenex and then really blowing his nose. He makes me giggle. I lurve my babies too!

Oh, and all soccer was cancelled for this week due to Spring Break! I'm so glad! Emma is having withdrawals but she'll live. The OutLaws are taking them swimming so that will keep her active and out of my mom's hair this week.

Chocolatism: Stress would not be so hard to take if it were chocolate covered.


Karin said...

The table sounds pretty! Good for you on the gym and the chocolate :)

mrhaney said...

i am glad to see that you got that new table. you deserve it, right. sure you do.
also it is good to see that you are getting all that exercise. i am getting some now because i am painting my house. have a good one and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Marlene said...

Great job on the working out! And I wish I could make a chocolate bar last a week!

Theresa said...

I need a new table and chairs desperately, but with the kitchen remodel, there's no way we can afford it now. Enjoy it!

Shannon said...

Thanks all of you! Hearing words of encouragement makes it even easier to get to the gym!