Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feeling Horrible

But this time for a different reason. Physically I am finally starting to feel better. One good thing about this illness is losing 11 lbs. Not the right way to lose it I know but hopefully with all the WII games we are playing I can keep it off.

I feel horrible today because today Ronnie was supposed to get his driver's license. I made sure I had all the paper work ready to go and he had all of his ready to go. We get to the DMV and wait until our number is called and get up there only to have the lady tell me that my registration is expired. My stomach dropped to my knees. I thought to myself "Stupid, you should have checked that at the same time you checked your insurance card and found that it was out of date". I didn't know what to say so I did something I never thought I would stoop to, begged the nice DMV lady to see if could get a printed copy since we were you know at the DMV and then he could still take the test to get his license today. Nope, they were unable to do that. So we had to make another appointment and I get to find my missing registration. The correct sticker is on my license plate so who knows what I did with the card. I will say that DMV lady was very nice and pretty cute too.

I am sure Ronnie is upset and disappointed but he said oh well, shit happens mom, let's go. He's been wonderful about it to my face. Who knows what he's said to his friends though. Oh well, he has every right to be upset with me.

And when I told my husband what has happened he has grilled me through texting. Why wasn't the new registration card in the car all along, when did you get the new card, why didn't you check on this over the weekend so I would be ready for today. And quite a few other questions. I finally quit answering so the last message I got from him was I love you.

You know, I know I should have checked to make sure everything was in order. I know I should have done it over the weekend so it would be done, instead of rushing to get things gathered at 11:30 last night. But why didn't he help me. This next thought is extremely mean of me but it went through my head before I even realized what I was thinking. Why am I doing this for your son, why aren't you taking the afternoon off to go with your son to get his drivers license. You would think a milestone like that he would want to do with his son. Don't get me wrong, I love Ronnie. I enjoy doing things with him. I have no problems, for the most part, with him. I say for the most part because he is a teenage boy and there is always some kind of drama going on with teenagers.
So, I'm getting grilled for not being prepared. Scott's treating me like a child instead of his wife that made a mistake.

In my defense I have been sick. I've also been working alot, still. The overtime is back in full swing due to more additions at work. I just happened to take half a day off in anticipation of sitting at the DMV for the afternoon.

He's on his way home from work now so we shall see what is said when he gets home. And I must start dinner now. And yet again I am unprepared because I have no idea what I'm making my family for dinner!!

Go Me

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