Monday, January 18, 2010

3day weekend

I had today off. For MLK day. My kids had today off. For MLK day.
Silly me thought we could all do something together today. HA!! hahahhahahhahhaa

Ronnie wanted to spend last night with a friend to have yet another marathon gaming night. Emma's cousin spent the night and then the girls hit the mall as soon as it opened this morning. Ethan and Harley have been home with me. But all they want to do is play Mario Kart on the WII. I tried to play with them and they asked me to go to my room because I don't play right. Not sure how that works. What exactly does that mean coming from a 5 year old boy and a 14 year old autistic boy?

So I've been sitting on my bed for 3 hours now. I've watched TV, can't even tell you what I've watched, daytime TV is that boring. I've polished my nails a shiny brown. I've read news. I even tried to nap but couldn't even do that right today!

I should have just gone to work today. It would have been a more productive day.

I really never thought I would be sent to my room by my sons for being boring.

And I've even run out of things to say. I think of the best things to post during work, where I have no time to write it down to post later. I might need to start taking time, just to have stuff to post.

And my hubby is at work today so can't even lay on him!

Hope everyone has a good week

1 comment:

Walker said...

It means they can't beat you lol

I love Mario Kart and when I play with my step son the little shit cheats all the time.
When I am about to win he stops the game.