Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Late Easter and Early Tax Day

The talk around work is that the tax deadline is just a few days away. Ours are done and already spent. That's the problem with a refund, it goes so fast!

So updates on the last post. The one friend didn't win the City Council Post he was hoping to get. The other friend is still gunning for Congress and has filed the papers and been to I don't know how many meetings.

The guy at work that has the hots for me? Well, I'm just going to leave that alone right now. Truthfully I don't know if I will ever talk about that here. Maybe if I had a blog that was full of nothing but naughty, nasty writing. Enough said.........

But I've discovered it's not just that one punk kid that has the hots for me. There are a couple of others.

I quickly lost the thought that only my husband could find me sexy.

I went from answering phones in a call center to my own office where I get to boss a bunch of men around and it has now gone straight to my head!

Absolutely horrible of me but I am truly lovin' it. For the past couple of years I hated to get up for work. Since I switched positions I love going to work.

I haven't forgotten at all what I look like, I don't think I am sexier or cuter than I really am but having these men tell me I am sexy and beautiful is great for the self-esteem.

Enough of that for now.

I splurged and traded in my car for a brand new Dodge Nitro. It is the burnt orange color. Ok, my car was fine, granted it has been losing gas and nobody can find where the leak is, but other wise it was working fine.

I've had it for a week now and love it! Better gas mileage than my car, with gas prices so high, that is a good thing. I love being up higher, so much easier to see what is ahead of me now. I know Harley loves it too.

The kids have named it Hellboy because of it's color. I wonder how many families actually name their cars?

Already time to go. All that is going through my head is how my afternoon at work went. It's not x-rated but it had the opportunity to go there. I am just no ready to write down what happened.

Emma is ranting and raving about how unfair it is that I have computer time after dinner and she doesn't.

Me thinks it is time to remind her of who pays the bills around here!

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Walker said...

Now if you can get Hellboy License plates some of the guys at work might reconcider LMAO.

We are our worse critics when it comes to looks.
I bet you are a looker so I don;t blame the guys for drooling.

When i had kids living with me they each had a computer in their rooms and hooked up to the network with a time set for it to cut off at a certain time.
Oh the excuses for a little more time LOL