Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today was a beautiful day. 74 degrees outside. Sunny with a light breeze. Almost perfect.

What made it even better was Scott got home early from work, about 3 hours early. We spent the day together and we both tried to be nice to each other. At first it was really hard. I wanted to just run our errands and then go home. He wanted to stop at this store and that store and look at stuff for my new truck. If I didn't show interest in something he would look at something else.

He tried so much harder than me to be nice. By the end of the day we were almost enjoying each other. We did lots of yard work and finally, finally got around to taking down our Christmas lights. We are such big procrastinators.

I thought about Him quite often but the busier I stayed the easier it was to not think about Him. I have to go back to work tomorrow and so maybe we'll have both come to our senses by then.

Right now Scott is on the lap top looking up license plates for the front of both of our trucks.

I'm still at a point where I don't want to talk to him. The meanness and attitude lasted too long, almost 3 months. I know some women deal with it so much longer and I dealt with it for 5 years of my first 6 year marriage. But he has never done this before. I think that is why I'm not quite ready to forget it so we can move on.

He did hug me today and we did kiss for a minute in the kitchen, almost burning dinner. But then he picked up his glasses and walked away. He hasn't tried to touch me since.

We both worked hard today though, maybe he is just tired. I know I am.

Not sure what else to say right now. I am tired and sore, yard work always brings out muscles you never realized you had. I think it is time for a hot shower and bed.

Unfortunately I know he will stay out here in the living room, playing on the lap top until probably 2 or 3 am. If he comes to bed with me I will be shocked.

On that bright note, sarcasm here, I hope you all have a good week.

And my stomach still doesn't feel any better. I discovered I've lost 15 lbs in the past 3 1/2 months. I'm proud of me! I'm not starving myself to lose weight, at least not on purpose right now. I've just cut down on what I eat and found fruit and veggies to snack on at work are easier than anything else.
If my stomach would quit with this whatever it is doing, I will eat normal again.

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Walker said...

You both sound like two bulls walking around in a china shop.
I think in time you willl work it out one way or another.
If Scott is like this just studing for the test then what will he be like when he gets the job and more responsabilities?

Enough of that.
Have you gone tot he doctor about your stomach yet?
Finding why it's sick is better than findng what foods don't upset it.