Saturday, February 23, 2008

Interesting Life

So, I have a friend that is running for city council. Another friend that is running for Congress. And a new guy at work that has the hots for me.

The friend running for city council has a good chance of winning. That would be great for him because he is so passionate about our town. He has so many ideas that he's constantly talking about that it's time for people besides his wife, myself and Scott, and our other friends, to hear.

The friend running for Congress... I'm not sure. He thinks he has a chance just because of his name. Very Mexican name. He might have a chance. I actually work with him and he runs his speeches by me at least 3 times a week. He has some good ideas too, just not the money. Maybe not having the money to run will help him win too. Who Knows!?!?!

And then there is this new guy at work. He knows I am happily married. He is married, not so happily. His wife is 4 months pregnant and he felt the need to share with me that the night she got pregnant is the last time they had sex. Supposedly she beats on him. He has come to work quite a few times with scratches on his face, a black eye now and then. I keep telling him that when she does hit him to call the police. Supposedly she is bipolar and he is afraid that if he files for divorce now she will hurt herself enough to kill the baby. He has plans to leave her when the baby is born and file for custody. I told him to definitely report the abuse so he has record for the courts when he is ready. I don't know if he has called them or not yet. He is nice enough, he's only worked there about 3 or 4 months. He is cute in a punk sort of way. But he is 7 years younger than me and the way he talks sometimes makes that feel like a whole other generation. I just don't understand him. He makes me feel about my husbands age.

This guy thinks I am sexy, hot, sweet, nice, and he has made it very clear that if I were to say yes I want to have sex with you he would be naked in a second.

It's actually kind of weird to get this kind of attention from someone other than my husband. My husband thinks all of those things about me too. He shows it by always touching me. If he just walks by me at home he trails his hand across my back or my butt. I'm used to my husband telling me how hot and sexy he thinks I am.

I don't think I am hot or sexy. My husband makes me feel that way just by looking at me, like he wants to devour me. I love dressing up for him. And showing off for him. I just love and lust him.

It's just weird having another man say it to me. He made sure it was after work hours and we weren't in our office. We were in the parking lot so we were right outside our office.

I'm horrified, flattered, scared, curious.

I just don't feel like I'm the type of person that another married man becomes interested in. Or any other man at all. I don't know why I feel like this.

He told me this about 2 weeks ago but hasn't said anything since. He talks to me about work stuff and when he walks by my office he smiles. It's not just a friendly smile. Sometimes it's a shy smile, other times it's almost like he wants to come in and shut my door and do crazy things.

Time to go. Harley just ran in, naked, and yelling OH SHIT!!!

I deserve the mother of the year award right now.

Have a great weekend.


Walker said...

How do I comment on this.

Ok Not really knowing what your look like I bet your are a knockout so the hubby knows what he has.

Guy at work wishes he had what your hubby haS and doesn't care if he messes up your life because his sucks the bug banana.

You have to ask yourself that he must have known she was this way before he married her and now that he isn;t getting any he wants to leave his pregnant wife.


Tell him next time there is another manes name tattooed to yoru butt and to go take care of the one he knocked up.

Hows that?
Yeah, I'm kida charged up tonight LOL

Walker said...

I stopped in to wish you and your family a Happy Easter :)