Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post Spring Break aka the down hill slide to the end of the School Year

Spring Break was a couple of weeks ago. I wrote up a post at work on the last day of Spring Break and saved it and swore I emailed it to myself here at home. Either I'm wrong or I'm crazy or both. I can't find the post in my email so obviously I didn't email it. I'm going to have to email it to myself again for the very first time and post it. Not like anything important was written in it. I want to post it anyways.

What has happened lately.... Ethan has been put back to C level. I know, I was so excited last year that my baby went from D level to B level so fast. As soon as I came down from that high I knew he wouldn't make it. Not that I don't have faith in him but because he was moved so fast and no time to adjust to his new schedule. We just shoved him out of his comfort zone and into main stream school in the blink of an eye. Poor kid has been on overload all year and has finally lost it. His tantrums are back, he is pulling his hair out with tweezers (we have hidden all the tweezers in the house, we probably have too many for one household), he picks at unseen bumps on his arms, and he is back to not sleeping. Since having him put back in C level and only in a main stream class for the fun stuff like P.E. and music and field trips he has calmed down. Not to what he was but we are getting there.

Emma hurt her ankle at the end of basketball and can't play soccer this season. Darn. Can't say I'm missing sitting at the field during practices and getting too hot and then sitting at the games on Saturdays and getting too cold. I really don't appreciate the weather being beautiful during the week and freezing and raining on the weekends. But this spring it is ok because I don't have to leave the house on Saturday unless I want too! We've had some rough patches this year and the doctor switched her meds, which seem to be helping. Her grades are just ok this year. I can't figure that out, last year we had a teacher we both hated and she was on the honor roll all year. This year we have a teacher we both love and her grades are so-so. She came home with her first D. And she got busted for trying to change her first D to an A. After scolding and grounding and being angry I laughed and told her the next time that happened at least change it to a B, which is more believable. Then I told her she better not bring home anything lower than a B on her last report card for this year. In the 4th grade and already trying to change her grades. I'm in trouble.

Harley has been 3 for a couple months now and still refuses to use the toilet. He used to be able to walk around in wet underwear and pants and be ok but now that bothers him. He used to walk around in a poopy diaper until one of us smelled him, and it wouldn't bother him. Now he tells me to change him as soon as he has pooped. I hope we are getting there, to that big potty training light in the sky. I almost spanked him today because he wanted me to pick him up and comfort him because he had fallen off the couch and hurt himself. He was jumping on it and hit the edge just right and tumbled off. I have a feeling he will have a broken limb before he's potty trained! I'm getting more and more frustrated with the little stinker. Anyways, just as I picked him up he pee'd, all over my leg. I refrained from spanking and changed him and myself. He then proceeded to pick on our Brand New Puppy!

Brand New Puppy is a pure bred Pug. And she is adorable. I will post pictures soon. We were supposed to go to Vegas last weekend. We were going to take the kids to the Natural History Museum, see the Titanic adventure, I don't remember now at what hotel, and whatever else we thought would be fun. Scott was told he had a meeting he had to to go the day we were coming back so we had to cancel. I wasn't about to drive 9 hours with 3 kids just to spend one night in Vegas and then drive 9 hours back the next day.

We cancelled that trip and Scott found a site that was selling Pugs. Baby Pugs! I've loved Pugs for such a long time! And I finally have one!

What did we name our Brand New Puppy Pug? We named her Vegas! We are such weird people. I did want to name my Pug Frank, you know, after the Pug on Men In Black but I didn't think Frank fit a girl Pug.

Well, I need to get to painting my kitchen, that project I've had in the works since before Harley was born. Why the rush all of a sudden? Scott applied for a higher position in his company. In Mesa Arizona. If he gets it we will be moving in a few months. And my house is no where near ready to sell.

Guess I'll get busy now.

And Emma keeps reminding me only a year and a couple of weeks until she is in Middle School. And when can she wear makeup?

Is there a way to freeze your kids in time so they can't get older until you are ready for it? I'm already fed up with boys calling her and giving her flowers they've either picked from their mom's gardens or stolen from the school grounds.

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