Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I found my Spring Break Post

We all survived Spring Break ( I wrote this around April 1st)
Just barely!
Last week was Spring Break in these here parts. Lots of other parents all over the country were in the same boat. Kids were at home to run amok and cause mayhem and madness everywhere.
I worked Monday as I normally would and had Tuesday off. I gave in and let Emma have friends spend the night Monday night. I had three extra kids running around the house, squealing, eating, running, laughing, and making cookies.

These cookies were chocolate chip cookies. They smelled good after being in the oven for a few minutes and I thought Emma's first attempt at cookies all by herself would turn out well. The kids kept running into the living room with the bag of chocolate chips that had the recipe to ask me to clarify what was written. Scott kept getting annoyed because we were finally sitting down together to watch Eragon (good movie) and the screaming, laughing kids kept needing help. I answered all the questions, being the wonderfully nice mom that I am.

The oven timer finally goes off and all the kids come running. And then all the kids start screaming even louder. Emma comes running one more time to show me the pan of cookies, that had turned into one big glob of brown stuff. I was puzzled, at first I couldn't figure out what they did wrong to create goo. I finally realized that they forgot to add the flour to the rest of the mixture. When I told them what they did they all started blaming each other and the party was almost ruined. They bickered and argued until I reached over and got a little bit of goo out of the pan and ate it. It tasted just fine, they would just have to eat it with a spoon. The pan of goo was gone before morning.

One poor girl kept coughing and I provided cough drops and at bed time some chloraseptic spray. Scott and I went to bed about 1am. Emma woke me up at 2:45 telling me coughing girl was throwing up. I got up and went to the bathroom to find coughing girl holding onto the toilet like she had just stumbled home from binge drinking. The other kids were all standing around her cracking jokes about hair and vomit. I swear they all sounded like a bunch of over 21 girls standing around their pukie friend in some bar bathroom. It was weird.

I helped the girl clean up and asked if she wanted to go home or stay here. She wanted to stay here. So I tucked them all in, 4 kids in a sleep sofa bed, very cozy. Less than an hour later one of the other girls wakes me up because coughing girl threw up again. I got her cleaned up again and she asked to sleep in our recliner. She still didn't want to go home. Ok, got her tucked in with a bucket and a Sprite and went back to bed but didn't go back to sleep. I was too afraid I would have to get up again an hour later. After 2 hours and no sound from the girls I finally dozed off again and was woken up by Harley at 11am! I haven't slept until 11am in years, since before having kids!

I got up and made enough noise that I woke up the kids, they were all still snoozing away of course. I found that coughing girl had gone home, she just lives across the street, and I panicked. I kept worrying about what her mom was thinking, letting her daughter go home without a phone call that she had been sick all night. I showered, dressed, and ran over there only to find that coughing girl was asleep on the couch and her mom was apologizing to me for her daughter. I let her know there was nothing to apologize for and hopefully she would feel better soon.
The rest of the day was spent traveling up to Durango for the kids' doctors appointments and taking them to an early dinner and then to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to load them up on sugar! We had all the kids with us still, all but coughing girl, and we did buy coughing girl a treat.

After that the week went by too fast and it was Monday morning again and the kids had to get to school.

I've heard I hate school from Ethan at least 10 times a day since Monday. He's so done with school and it is showing. He refuses to bring home any papers, including his report card, and fighting us on doing homework that does somehow make it home. I've finally convinced the school that B-Level is too much for him and he needs to maybe go back to C-Level so his re-evaluation is next Friday the 13th. Always a lucky day in my house.
We'll see how well that goes before I get my hopes up. He needs a full time aid to help keep him on track.

More on that when the big day is done!

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Walker said...

Its to bad coughing girl was sick but other than that it sounds like you survived pretty well.
I try not to remember spring breaks as I try to forget going to the Britney Spears concert with 3 screaming teenage girls.