Thursday, February 21, 2013

Soooooooo, I got laid off back in May, which sucked because of the benefits I lost, the people I don't see almost every day, and the feeling like I contribute to my family financially is gone. So I went back to college and am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, I thought for a while a nurse but Biology just evades me so I might need to rethink nursing because isn't biology all about that? Not sure but I will continue on until I figure something else out. I finally found a new job but it's only as needed but I figured it's a job where I have the option to go part time when a position opens up and they work around my class schedule. And then today I did our taxes and found we have to pay $400 to the state. So I get laid off, can't find a job for almost a year, go back to school to get an education in something else to find a better job than what I had and the state screws us over. State said screw you! You don't have a job so pay me money. Well, I kind of have a job but I just started it this year so for last year's taxes it doesn't really count. So I am trying to find a second job that will work around my class schedule and any hours I might get at my current job. But I keep hearing over qualified. Really? How in the hell an I be over qualified to deliver pizzas, or scoop ice cream, or check out groceries or movies or books or whatever else people are buying at stores. I applied at Sears and actually got a call for an interview but I was in class when they called so they left a message. I called back as soon as I listened to the message and was told the person who called was out until 1pm, ok I will call back. I called back at 1:30 and the lady doesn't remember calling me, has no record of my name in her application pile or anything. So I asked her why would I be calling her back if she hadn't called me, how would I know who to ask for. She had no answer. So I asked if I could go to her office and play her the voicemail that she left me asking me to call her back and set up an interview time. It took her a minute to say anything and then said I'm sorry, I just don't have record of you. So I said never mind and hung up. Maybe I should try to deliver pizzas again, and eat some chocolate. Maybe lots of chocolate and margaritas will help, at least for a couple of hours and seeing as how tomorrow is National Margarita Day all shall be ok tomorrow night, at least for a couple hours. Now that I have ranted I need to be grateful. I am healthy, I have the chance to go to college to get a better education which will help in the long run, I have a healthy family, I have bright, beautiful kids that make me laugh, I am doing pretty well in my classes (knock on wood, hope I'm not jinxing myself), my marriage is amazing and our 10 year anniversary is only a few days away, and so many other things to be thankful and grateful for. Time for a hot shower and coffee and off to class.

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