Thursday, August 09, 2012

Almost school time

School starts for the kids in a few days. School starts for me in a week and a half. So very excited! But at the same time I am hurt, angry, and sad. My husband admitted to cheating on me last night. With someone who I thought was a friend. Our kids play together, we have bbques together. Her husband knows and is apparently ok with it, found out they are swingers. I am not ok with it and not sure what to do or say right now. In fact our kids were supposed to play today and she doesn't bother to show or call or text even. She finally answers my texts and said oh sorry, her son just woke up. I know he never sleeps past 8am. He might have slept in today but I also think she is just avoiding me. I want to beat the crap out of both of them and make them hurt like I do. I never thought my husband would do this. I don't know why. Both of our exes cheated on us so he knows how absolutely shitty this feels. It's been so hard to be nice around my kids today and don't know how I've managed to. I know I've been very sarcastic today. I think it's time to take some anger and hurt out on cleaning my house.


Lurker Girl said...

OMG--I am so sorry. and trust me, I feel your pain. Found out the same thing at the beginning of the year (well, that is when I confronted him--I've knwo since Thanksgiving). He moved out in May and we are in the process of dissolution. I wonder each day if I just should have turned a blind eye so my life would not have to be so different now--and my DD would not have to suffer this kind of life. But I cannot be with soemone who cheats. Whatever you decide, I will add you to my prayers for strength and courage each night.

Shannon said...

I'm sorry it has taken so long to comment but thank you for the prayers Lurker Girl.
We've gone through counseling and are doing good now, it did take up til just the past month for everything to be ok, not feel tense around hime, and be able to smile and laugh with him. I hope you are finding peace and happiness as well!!