Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Half way thru 2011 (didn't realize this never published!)

What a year it's been so far. Scott finally got a job in February. I finally feel like I can breathe a little when it comes to bills, groceries, and other essentials for our house.
It's hard to believe Ethan and Emma will be starting high school in just 5 weeks. They both ended the 8th grade on the honor roll. Emma had problems with Math but managed to pull up the grade just in time.

Harley starts 2nd grade. Just like every mom, I say my kids grow too fast. It feels like just yesterday he was a baby. Now he has play dates and sleep overs and loves to play outside just as much as he loves video games. I'm so thankful he loves to be outside and doesn't mind the limited video game time we impose.

Ronnie graduated from high school with honors. When he first moved here his goal was to be valedictorian. He didn't quite make it but he was very close. He left for Marine Corp boot camp June 20th. We miss him so very much but are so very proud of him at the same time.
His current girlfriend ( the kid has been through many girls in 3 years! ) is absolutely adorable. She is sticking by him through his time in boot camp and visits us regularly. Just to talk. His girlfriend spends time with Emma, they play tennis, go to movies, volunteer at our hospital together. She's becomming one of the family. It's hard to keep my mouth shut because who knows what will happen when he's done with boot and goes on for more training in Florida. I hope they stay together though.

The house is quieter without Ronnie and his friends coming and going. I know it won't last long with Emma starting high school and meeting alot more people.

Time for bed. We are going to Albuquerque tomorrow. We are surprising the kids and going to see the new Transformers movie and Scott has an appointment with his endocrinologist on Monday.

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