Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scott moved back in last weekend. A few days before our 4th counseling session. It shocked me that he just showed up last weekend with most of his stuff and Harley's stuff and they never left.
Truthfully I'm not sure how I feel about this. I have barely slept since they came back. I am so so happy Harley is back and I have missed him so much but Scott? We are too busy either bickering or walking around each other on egg shells, afraid to say something wrong and make the other mad.
Even though he just moved back in we have a whole new development that will test us alot more than what we have already gone through. Scott's 15 year old son will be moving in with us in a month. Permanently. Not just for 6 weeks during the summer. We get to register him in school, he wants to be a volunteer firefighter when he turns 16, drivers ed, and whatever else might pop into his highly intelligent mind. This kid is so smart it's a little scary. I totally understand why he wants to move here. His mom tries to treat him like an adult when it comes to the housework and school work but when it comes to actually talking to him and listening to him she either can't or won't. He will try to talk to his mom about his future and all she can talk about is how he's doing on his school work. He tries to talk to her about the death of his uncle a few months ago and she ignores him. He won't have more freedom here but he will have open minded parents that will listen to him and talk to him.

Not sure what this will bring, trying to repair our marriage and adding a teenage boy to the mix.

Actually after last night I'm really not sure how much longer we will be together. We went to bed not long after he got home from work at 10:30pm. Which is about 1/2 hour later than normal..... We shared a piece of chocolate cake and watched CSI Miami and I dozed off about 1am. I'm not sure what time he went to sleep but he was upset with me for falling asleep when I did. At 2:30am my cell phone rang and at that time of night I just answer the phone, I didn't look at the screen to see who it was. I assumed it was Emma because she spent the night with a friend and always seems to get sick during sleep overs.
It wasn't Emma. It was a guy I work with. One I would have never expected to call me at that time of the night, or actually any time of the night. He was at home and drunk and looking for someone to talk to. Or at least that's what I thought. I talked to another co-worker this morning after Scott left for work, yes, the one that I should be staying away from but we just can't seem to leave each other alone. He got a kick out of this other guy calling, he said he had to have been horny and looking for someone to come over and have some fun. I have no idea why he thought of me. This is a guy that I never thought of that way. He's a funny guy, intelligent but has never interested me that way.

So Scott is just pissed off that this guy called. I told Scott I couldn't help it, I can't control what he did, I had him off the phone in under 30 seconds. Don't know what else I could have done. Could have turned my cell phone off but I never do when Emma is at a sleep over.

Just one more thing we will have to work through.

As Walker said in his last comment, are we really in love with each other or just think we need to be with each other now.

That is the big question for us at the moment.

While I peruse this please go check out I don't know her personally but she is a very good friend of a co-worker and the family is having some very rough times right now. They need every one's thoughts and prayers.


Walker said...

You have alot to work out if you want this to work. Thats if you want this to work.
You will know when the time coes but as for the guy that called.
I suggest you rip him a new hole.
Not because Scott is pissed but because he called you up thinking what ever his mind was thinking.
Just because your relationship is on hard times doesn't mean your ass is up for poking from anyone who thinks they could call you in the middle of the night at his convenience.
If you don't it will happen again.
Just remember when it comes to your personal being you're the boss. Not Scott or anyone else. In the end when the shithits the fan you are the one who will deal with your grief not Scott or Mr2am booty call.

Walker said...

Happy fourth Of July :)