Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Well, haven't tried pot yet. Not because I don't have access to it, found out just how easy it really is to acquire the stuff. Feeling very naive. Or stupid. Haven't decided which yet. Anyhoo Kids went back to school and so far things have been pretty good. Knock on wood. My classes started and those are ok so far. I'm in an Anatomy/Physiology II class with most of the same people from A&P I class. There are a few new people this semester and between the noisy bunch of "girls" from last semester and the new kids on the block this semester, there are constant question battles instead of our instructor being able to complete her lectures. New kids on the block actually pulled out a list of questions to interrupt with today. The question battle went on and on and on today until the only male in the class said something about a nursing West Side Story and got up and left class. A friend and I just giggled and of course the cackling girls got pissed off and we heard "the nerve" and "whats his problem" and "how dare he". And then I felt like we were in some bad southern movie instead of West Side Story. I've really enjoyed all my classes so far but days like today reminded me why I despised high school and all the girl drama and why most of my friends have always been male. I can't stand drama. I don't see how people thrive on creating and living with drama. I've been told a few times I'm not a normal woman, and that's ok! So in place of drama I've decided to surround myself with a pretty new car. Ok, I didn't decide, my husband did, it's an early anniversary present. I love her so very much, my Fiat Abarth. Her name is Sexy Beast.

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