Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Made It Through The Semester!

I am officially not a freshman in college anymore! Ended my first year of college with a 4.0. I never thought I would do this good after being out of school for so many years. Only 2 weeks before my summer class starts and I was going to spend it being lazy and catching up on my favorite shows but that might not happen now. Scott had severe stomach pains for most of last week but neglected to tell me about it until late Thursday night. I got him to the ER and we found that he had appendicitis. He was admitted to the hospital around 2am and had the appendectomy at 5:30. The doctor told me they got to him just in time, I was literally only hours from losing him. But with a great surgeon and awesome nurses, my husband is at home after 4 days in the hospital with some heavy duty antibiotics going straight into his veins. So now I get to spend my two week break catering to my husband, which I will gladly do. I've spent the past few days keeping this to myself because family would have panicked if they knew how close he came to dying. I don't see the need to scare anyone else since he is alive and healing. I needed to let it all out somehow so why not write it all down. Emma, our wonderful 16 year old daughter, has guessed, but that girl is too good at reading her mother. No matter how hard I try to keep things from her she manages to figure it out. She is too smart for my own good. Love her so much. I might be mean and make Scott watch some Dr. Who with me. And then...... The first day back from the hospital I get a call from the school telling me Ethan has been caught stealing money from a teacher. HOLY CRAP! We have been talking with him here about it but I'm not sure what the school is doing. Since he is Autistic I don't think they are going to punish him. Which is the wrong way to deal with it. This is so hard for me to comprehend. Out of all 4 of our kids, the one that has special needs is NOT the one I expected to pull something like is. I am beyond disappointed in him and angry and hurt. I've told him all of this but I'm not sure how much he has taken in just yet. He is acting like nothing is wrong and I'm not sure how to get through to him to make him understand how wrong he was. I am so upset with him it's been hard to even look at him. We took away his movies, his games, and make him sit on the couch and read a book. He sits there and glares at us and tells us it's for the birds, he shouldn't be treated this way. I hope we can get through to him to make him understand what he did was wrong. I really hope the school is doing the same thing. I'm glad school is almost out for the summer for a purely selfish reason this year. Ethan and Emma's dad is retiring from the Navy this summer and Ethan is going up with his grandparents to attend the ceremony and spend a month with his dad. Emma is refusing to go see her dad because of his wife. Their stepmother has some major issues (I think bipolar is one of those issues) and she refuses to get help. I'm not making Emma go because of these issues and truthfully if my ex's parents weren't going to the ceremony I don't think I would let Ethan go. But he wants to see his dad even though he doesn't like his stepmom. If the stepmom would get the help she needs and manage her illness I would have no problem with the kids going back to visit but until she does I will worry as long as Ethan is up there. Now, I'm glad Ethan is going, like I said for a purely selfish reason, I need a break. So many people don't get a break from their Autistic child and it's saddening because these breaks we get every other summer or so are much needed. Scott says I finally relax, I laugh more, I sleep better, and my stress level as a whole seems non-existent. School is over for a while, Ethan needs some major discipline, and my hubby is alive and getting healthy again. Life is still good and I'm thankful for everything we have.

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