Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I finally opened my mouth and told my husband I wanted to celebrate the holidays at our house this year. Just us. And I'm so glad I did.

I was able to sleep in today and not have to worry about getting the kids ready and out the door to be at Scott's parents house by noon. I can cook what I want and clean up when I want and not have to worry about saying something that would offend my SIL, because that does happen weekly lately. I've pretty much quit talking because I could ask how her day is and that would offend her.

I don't have to worry about my SIL's son making my husband mad and us walking out on the dinner. I don't have to worry about that same boy picking on Ethan so bad and then Ethan is the one that gets in trouble by my BIL. Because he is crying. I've explained what Ethan has been diagnosed with but they don't seem to care. So I've decided no more. I'm taking us out of that kind of environment and keeping us all at home to just be. Just be with us and be thankful that we are all healthy and be thankful we do still have a SIL and BIL and MIL and FIL but that we don't have to worry about what we say and piss them off.

It is 12:11 and I have about 2 1/2 more hours before the turkey will be done. I prepared everything last night so all I have to do today is bake/cook it when the time is right.

Emma and I have watched Charmed all morning. I don't like parades. Never have and probably never will.

Scott is sick. I'm not sure what, maybe a stomach flu or something.

The boys are watching Night at the Museum.

My mom is reading the paper.

Life right now is good, even with Scott's bug. He's still joking around and trying to get me to come back to bed so he can fondle me.

We are even contemplating being stupid and joining the masses at OH MY GOD early in the morning to shop. I've never done that and I figure Starbucks is open that early so I'll be ok.

We might get up and get coffee and then shop, come home and make a big breakfast and then take a nap. He is taking the boys to a movie tomorrow and I'm taking Emma to see Enchanted.

Oh, and I'm on vacation until next Wednesday! Happy Days!

I'm on vacation and we aren't going anywhere! No driving for 13 hours to Disney. That was on the list for this weekend but Emma's little running away episode ruined that. I'm happier here I think.

Time to go find something to nibble on.

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and for all the travelers be Careful!

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Walker said...

I dont blame yopu for not going.
It's supposed to be a fun family outing not a painful experience for everyone.
Your BIL sounds like an arrogent prick if he can't understand what is explained to him or stupid.
Sounds like my brother actually.

Your blessings are with those around you and that's what matters

Happy Thanksgiving